Scale up your luxury yacht charter experience with the best water toys available. 

Chartering a super or mega yacht that will cater to all of your needs is just the beginning of a holistic and fantastic experience. Not only can you sail and indulge in unspoilt hidden coves and beaches and discover secret places and remote islands, but you can also lavish a unique lifestyle with modern yacht water toys.

The insatiable desire for a more enhanced customer experience grows stronger yearly. So, the market of water toys for luxury yachts has developed a wide array of modern toys to enrich the experience of those on board. Let us see what the latest trends for next season are!

Latest 2023 trends in water toys in luxury yachts

Customers’ needs are increasing. So does the design and generation of new, cutting-edge technological toys that will satisfy every yachting lover and enthusiast. The first step, of course, is to charter a superb luxury yacht that will match your desires. Then comes the choice of the best collection of water toys that will ensure a lifetime experience and make your sailing adventurous and fun.

The good news is that there is no deficit in incredible inflatable toys, submarines, and futuristic watercraft to try. Standard water boards have evolved, while watercraft provide an impeccable and whole-of-adrenaline experience. The feelings of euphoria and freedom meet the luxurious lifestyle with the 8 must-try water toys designed for granting even the rarest request and wish.

Discover the rundown of the most innovative superyacht water toys available in the coming year and gear up for the experience of a lifetime.

Introducing the 8 must-try water toys

The new generation of watercraft causes waves in the market of luxury yacht toys

  • Vanqraft VQ16 watercraft

Who can resist riding a Vanqraft VQ16 water scooter? The hybrid version of a high-speed watercraft and a yacht tender is a hit. And for good reasons! Crafted mainly from fiberglass, this Dutch gem is lightweight with a 200-horsepower, 1.8-liter Yamaha engine and can go up to 46 mph. Ideal for not just one but four riders, VQ16 is fully customizable to your specifications and taste. The ‘crossover’ of a tender and a jet ski is famous for its high-end, elegant design and high performance. Get ready to be thrilled!

  • Zapata Flyride

Do you long for a thrilling yet accessible experience? Then, you surely need to try Zapata Flyride, designed and manufactured by the founder of the iconic Flyboards. This incredible water toy gives you the exhilarating sense of flying on the water. No matter your level and prior knowledge on how to deal with the Flyride or a relevant watercraft, the Zapata Flyride is ideal for even the newbies. Enjoy spinning and gliding across the water alone or with a friend, as it accommodates up to two people, which in our opinion, is more than enough for the chilling experience of Zapata Flyride.


Most of the yacht charterers are familiar with SEABOB. The iconic water toy facilitates through and under-the-water explorations. Well-known for its impressive agility and environmentally friendly design, SEABOB levels up with the most powerful edition yet, the F5 SR. Also, it has evolved and can be equipped with a High Definition camera placed on the nose, guaranteeing to capture unforgettable memories and all the beauties beneath the water’s surface. Are you ready for intense pleasure?


The future of water boards

  • Electric SipaBoard

Do you enjoy standing up on a SUP? Maybe you are bored with the standard boards. Motorized SipaBoards are the ideal solution for you. They are designed to provide an exclusive, enhanced SUP experience. Perfect for adjusting your pace and exploring the beauties of the surroundings away from your luxury yacht, Electric SipaBoards are easy to handle and ideal for all ages or a unique family experience.

  • Loeva Transparent Stand-Up Paddle Board

Paddleboarding at its best! Loeva’s “Le StandUp” board offers you an unforgettable experience as it is produced of transparent materials. Its acrylic glass material makes you feel like you are floating and enjoying all the underwater beauties. Furthermore, it is lightweight, easy to carry, and impact and scratch-resistant, ensuring your safety. Finally, Loeva Transparent Stand-Up Paddle Board includes two rows of LED lights that can light up to 3 hours for a 15 meters range, allowing you to paddle both during the day and the night.

  • Fliteboard Air

Now it’s time to fly! With Fliteboard Air, your senses will be satisfied. Created for all levels of experienced riders, this high-quality and elegant allure inflatable board boasts almost double the volume of the standard Fliteboard. Learning was never easier, and charming your guests was more certain.


SEAmagine Aurora-3C Private Submarine

Do you think a luxury yacht and a submarine can be combined in the same sentence? Yes, they do! The AURORA-3C submarine is a compact, lightweight submarine that can submerge to depths of up to 470-metres. It has a place for a pilot and two guests and is the ideal yacht toy for savvy charterers who want to experience something completely out of the ordinary. Enjoy your personal submarine with ample cabin space and level up your lifestyle.


Live the unforgettable experience of Inflatables yacht toys

From Floating Playground and FunSize Big Air Blob to Yacht Golf and airBEACH inflatable platform, these types of water toys completely change your luxury yacht’s scenery. You can choose from a vast range of inflatable, high-quality water toys to spice up your cruising days. For instance, the airBEACH inflatable platform by Hovercraft is famous for its versatile style, ergonomic and customizable design, and extension feature. It consists of the following:

  1. Yacht slides
  2. Climbing walls
  3. BigAir Blobs
  4. Floating Shaded Lounger

The latter is ideal for relaxing moments that give you the feeling of being aboard a free-floating shaded island. Bath in the iconic Aegean sun aboard airBEACH and indulge in another level of luxury.

Other must-try inflatable toys are:

Take that…’ leap of faith’ from aboard your mega yacht to the deep crystal blue waters with the inflatable Leap of Faith.

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