Cruising the Caribbean Sea
Sunbathing on a white sand beach - Caribbean

Tropical forests, coral reefs, blue ocean and white sanded beaches. The Caribbean Sea is a dreamlike destination beyond any doubt. With such warm weather and a diverse topography, the Caribbean is a prime location for yachts and one of the top cruising destinations in the world.

OCEDA now offers you the opportunity to charter the perfect yacht whether you are looking to spend your Christmas festivities under the sun, or just want to escape winter weather. We arrange your holidays, flights and everything else. With the help of our Caribbean associates, we make sure you have a great time cruising the Caribbean Sea.

Top Caribbean islands to see

Two people walking on the beach next to a tropical forest of the Caribbean

While cruising the Caribbean don’t miss a chance to visit some of the most spectacular Caribbean islands. Lose yourself in the local culture of The Bahamas. Find a romantic getaway in Barbados. Explore the natural beauty of Puerto Rico and last but not least, take long beach walks on The British Virgin Islands.

Traditional musician from the Caribbean Islands

Find your inner peace in a tropical paradise placed on earth. If you are looking to Charter a private yacht in the Caribbean, we can help you discover this perfectly colored and gracefully exotic world!

From high mountain peaks to white sand beaches, genuine reggae rhythms to salsa vibes, brightly colored rooftops to historical attractions, the Caribbean islands will impress all visitors. Experience luxury yacht vacations in:

  1. Turks and Caicos
  2. The Bahamas
  3. Cuba
  4. Barbados
  5. Aruba
  6. Puerto Rico
  7. Jamaica
  8. The British Virgin Islands (BVI)
  9. Cayman Islands
  10. The Dominican Republic

Map of the Caribbean islands
Map of the Caribbean Sea with island locations

How to plan your Caribbean charter yacht vacations

Young couple enjoys the sun in the Caribbean Sea

Enjoy a seamless luxury yacht vacation experience with OCEDA. We can find the best fitting yacht for your needs and organize your itinerary accordingly, so you can sit back and luxuriate in all these magnificent places of the Caribbean.

Superyacht cruising the Caribbean

Our associates are trusted experts that will provide help and comfort during your time there. Let OCEDA plan the best Caribbean yacht charters for you or enjoy the most romantic yacht cruise experience in the Caribbean Sea.

With access to all commercial superyachts in the area, let us plan your top quality yacht vacations in the Caribbean by:

  • Matching your needs to the perfect yacht 
  • Booking plane tickets and taking care of all formalities
  • Minding all arrangements with the crew onboard so you can enjoy the perfect yacht holiday

Indulge yourself and have a luxury yacht vacation in the world’s most picturesque tropical scenery of all.

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