This Greek Island chain looks picture-perfect with its neat red-tiled roof buildings and flower pot-lined alleys all overlooking the beautiful Aegean Sea.

It’s easy to see why the Dodecanese Islands are a premier yachting destination.

What makes the Dodecanese Islands so unique?

Sunkissed and soaked in some of Greece’s richest history, the Dodecanese Islands are versatile and varied.

They know just how to deliver exactly what you are craving—whether that be a dip in a secluded cove or an exquisite dinner on a seaside terrace.

The best way to experience these islands is by cruising through the chain on your luxury charter yacht.

Intrigued? Let’s explore what a yacht charter in the Dodecanese Islands is like…

A once-in-a-lifetime luxury experience in the Islands of the Dodecanese

While the Dodecanese translates to twelve islands, there are actually 15 larger islands and several smaller ones. Each holding their own treasures to discover.

By cruising on a private yacht, you can experience a different island each day if you’d like. And at night, you’ll retreat to the luxurious comfort and privacy on board.

Views of the Aegean Sea and the island’s waterfront will exceed any land-based resort. Plus, you can relax your entire cruise with the personalized care of your professional crew, who will attend to your onboard and destination needs.

Of course, you’d design your own cruise, but let’s look at one Dodecanese itinerary… 

From Ikaria to Samos

Boarding your yacht in Ikaria, you’ll be embraced by the island’s wild beauty. Here, the rocky mountains slope down until they meet unspoiled beaches and rocky coves.

This quiet and friendly island is just the place to refresh as you start your picture-perfect getaway.

Arriving at your first destination, the island of Samos, you’ll have opportunities to start your cruise exactly how you want. This island perfectly balances stunning natural treasures and a cosmopolitan flair.

The island’s history is rich and home to two different UNESCO monuments, the ancient city of Pythagoreion and the Temple of Hera.

In the evening, dance with the island’s lively nightlife or find a quiet family-run taverna and enjoy the evening breeze and a good bottle of wine.

From Samos to Patmos

From the deck of your yacht, you’ll be greeted by the impressive site of the monastery of St. John as you enter the harbor at Patmos.

While this island is most famous for being where the Book of Revelation was written, it has many more enticing sites that welcome you ashore.

Just one example is Rainbow Beach. Its colorful pebbles in an array of yellows, pinks, and oranges stand in bold contrast to the deep blues of the sea—making a scenic backdrop for a swim.

From Patmos to Kalymnos

Kalymnos will delight those looking for adventure.

Take advantage of the world-famous diving here—everything from caves to shipwrecks. Or, above the surface, grab the best views with a morning of rock climbing.

If you’re looking for a slower pace, stroll the island’s towns—they’ve had a long, wealthy history based on sponge harvesting. Or, tour Ellinika, an exceptionally well-preserved paleochristian village with six ancient churches.

From Kalymnos to Kos

Exploring Kos, once the home of Hippocrates, you’ll discover long, sandy beaches and a generous array of historic archeological sites, like the 7th-century medieval Neratzias Castle or the Roman Odeon.

The seaside villages here are charming. The narrow streets weave between traditional island buildings, whose architecture has been influenced by many cultures over many eras. Sweet scents of citrus and fig tree blossoms waft through and make the views even more spectacular.

Many restaurants, bars, and taverns offer an array of tastes.

From Kos to Nisyros | Tilos

The next duo of islands, Nisyros and Tilos, takes you off the beaten path and gives you a chance to experience two of the lesser-known islands in the region from the luxury of your own yacht

Nisyros, a volcanic island, is known for its obsidian trade. But it is also a treasure for those who enjoy hiking. Some trails will lead you to the ancient structures of Nisyros and the site’s panoramic views.

In Tilos, you’ll find that the entire island is an ecological park with only 500 inhabitants and offers abundant natural beauty. The island is home to many rare birds. In certain seasons, the hillsides and valleys explode with fragrant colors from the wildflowers and herbs.

From the beaches to the mountaintops, this island embraces you and allows you to reconnect with the unmatched serenity. This may be the perfect night to let your onboard chef prepare you a gourmet meal aboard.

From Tilos to Symi

Feeling restored, your yacht will bring you to your next stop, the port of Symi. A real-life fairy tale—it’s like walking through a painting.

The wide waterfront is lined with tall stone buildings adorned with cute balconies overlooking the harbor. Colorful fishing boats come and go from the seawall. Taverns and cafes in the old town of Symi invite you in with delicious aromas.

But leave time for the island’s beautiful beaches and sites, like Marathounda Beach and the Panormitis Monastery.

From Symi to Rhodes

Pulling into the final harbor at Rhodes, your getaway is far from over. This island holds the very best of the modern and ancient worlds.

In fact, it may be one of the very best places to see Greece’s rich history. To start, the clifftop Acropolis above Lindos will treat you with some of the most stunning ruins and views.

And the Old Town of Rhodes, declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO, is the largest medieval city in Europe. Walk along the Street of the Knights or visit the Colossus of Rhodes.

If cruising from June to August, the Valley of the Butterflies is a must. This lovely wooded haven, complete with waterfalls, becomes blanketed by migrating butterflies—a truly magical experience.

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