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When thinking about luxury vacations in idyllic islands with crystal blue waters and hidden beauties, the first thing that pops into mind is the Aegean Islands of Greece. Famous for their insanely beautiful beaches, rich history and unique social life, the Aegean islands are the perfect choice for living the experience of a lifetime.

What do you know about the iconic islands that have a lot of places to visit and hidden coves to uncover?

What is the best way to indulge in the premium experience of discovering the Aegean?

Let us sail with a luxury super yacht and discover the treasures of the Aegean islands.

The magnificent Aegean islands

The Aegean Sea (in Greek: Egeo Pelagos) is part of the Mediterranean Sea located between Greece and Asia Minor. The name of the Aegean comes from ancient Greek times. According to the Greek Mythology, Aegeas, the father of Theseus, believing that his son had died, desperately threw himself into the sea. To honour their fallen king, the locals gave his name to the Archipelago. Another more common explanation is that the etymology derives from the Greek word aiges (waves).

From the Archaic times, the Aegean islands were prospering, and they were operating as supply stations for the Athenian ships. Also, they were a hub for trade in the Mediterranean region. Their distinct civilization continues to flourish up to date.

Each unrivalled in beauty Aegean island has a long and rich story to narrate. Some of their main characteristics are their distinctive architecture, fantastic sea waters, delicious traditional flavours, and the hospitality of the locals.

Silver and golden sandy or with colourful pebbles beaches, crystal blue or emerald waters, a lot of activities, many historical sites to visit, and different flavours to taste, the Aegean islands are a destination of a lifetime. And they are all about enhancing your lifestyle and treating yourself the way you deserve. Chartering a super yacht and cruising across the islands will create unforgettable memories and will wash away all the stress and the fatigue of the winter period.

Mapping the Aegean Sea with a super yacht

There are 6 divisions that segment the Aegean Sea into zones, depending on the islands’ location. So, before starting sailing the Aegean Sea with your super yacht, let’s find out how the mapping of the Archipelago.

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Euboea (Evia)

Everything begins in Evia. Close to the prefecture of Attica, Evia is near and far at the same time. Whereas an island, Evia connects to the mainland with bridges. Iconic for its green landscape and calm waters, Evia has many treasures waiting for you to discover. Large in size, Evia is famousfor its trails, the forests, the thermal springs of Edipsos, the historical monuments and the small coves.

2a Evia

Sporades Islands

The home of Monachus-Monachus, the islands of Sporades welcome yacht lovers who seek emerald clear waters and carefree holidays. Their uniqueness lies in their rich sea life, as travellers have the unique chance to swim along with dolphins on the crest of silvery waves. In the Sporades, you can succumb to the various unspoilt beaches, fire-coloured sunsets and windless harbours.

2b Sporades

Cyclades Islands

Maybe the most famous of all the Greek islands, the Cyclades island cluster is famous for its white and blue traditional architecture, the golden sand beaches and the unique summer breeze. Whether you want to enjoy private luxury vacations on your yacht or indulge in the cosmopolitan lifestyle, the perfect Cycladic island awaits you. Choose from the 33 islands and dive into the deep blue sea and the Cycladic folk culture.

2c Cyclades 1

Saronic Gulf Islands

The islands of the Saronic Gulf are smaller in size but have nothing to be jealous of the other Aegean Sea islands. Located on the Peloponnese’s east shoreline and in close proximity to Athens, the islands are the perfect choice for yachting experiences. In most of them, cars are not allowed to sustain the picturesque landscape. Yacht lovers adore this island cluster as it is ideal for a luxury cruise.

Dodecanese Islands

Sunset On Poros Island In Aegean Sea, Greece
Sunset on Poros island in Aegean sea, Greece.

The island complex of Dodecanese in the South-Eastern Aegean is ideal for sailing vacations. There are many islands to discover and hidden coves to dive into while enjoying the distinguished architecture and the iconic hospitality. The Dodecanese combine 12 large islands and various smaller ones with clear waters and sandy or pebbly beaches.

2e Dodecanese


With 36 steep gorges and a lot of wild and serene landscapes and beaches, Crete is the queen of all the islands, as it has it all. The largest island of Greece and the fifth of the Mediterranean Sea, Crete has to show its iconic Minoan civilization remnants, glorious beaches, rich gastronomical cuisine and unparallel hospitality. It is a universe of beauties that you will find in no other place. Due to its richness and diversity, Crete is a journey itself in order to discover all that waits to be uncovered. From the traditional Chania, the cinematic Rethymno, the metropolitan Herakleion to the wild Ierapetra, the historical Sfakia and the premium Elounda, Crete will charm you with its beauties. 

2f Crete

Ideal weather conditions

The Aegean Archipelago is famous for its iconic summer weather. The warm summer Mediterranean climate offers the perfect conditions for the perfect yacht holidays. The dry atmosphere and the temperatures that range between 30°C to 40°C degrees make the summer in the Aegean a charming experience.

Cloudless skies and starry nights on your sundeck seem quite perfect, right?

Another important factor for consideration is that in the Aegean Sea, there are winds that blow and calm the hotness of July and August. In the two peak summer months, the temperature will rarely drop below 20°C, even at night.

3 Temperature

Proposed itinerary for a unique journey to the Aegean islands with a super-yacht

Some of the most spectacular islands we recommend for visiting by yacht are:

  • Skiathos, 
  • Euboea (Evia), 
  • Andros, 
  • Tinos, 
  • Mykonos
  • Paros, 
  • Patmos, 
  • Santorini, 
  • Milos, 
  • Sifnos, 
  • Kythnos
  • Spetses. 

While there are many more marvellous islands to discover, we singled out the special ones, as they cater to all needs. They have natural beauties, secret beaches, charming villages awash with light, ancient traditions and authentic flavours. Also, they have great berthing spots for your super yacht and an indulging luxury lifestyle.

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As a starting point, select the cosmopolitan Skiathos island; you can enjoy island hopping with ease by following a unique itinerary. Skiathos location is in the northwest Aegean Sea and is part of the Sporades archipelago. It is well known for its sapphire-coloured beaches and buzzing nightlife. You can enjoy long strolls along the main pedestrian thoroughfare along the old harbour and Papadiamanti street.

Most of Skiathos cafes, bars and restaurants are around Skiathos Town. Also, do not miss the opportunity to engage in watersports activities, for which Skiathos is legendary.

Skiathos gastronomy focuses on plates with fresh fish of all kinds. Try the traditional dessert “Aspro”, a blend of finely chopped almonds with sugar syrup and lemon.

Euboea (Evia)

Evia will steal your heart, and you will feel tempted to stay there the longest you can. The second-largest island in Greece is full of unspoiled nature, impressive beaches and exciting history. Hence, it is no wonder that Evia is called a mosaic of landscapes and experiences.

Journey to Northern Evia to discover the beautiful coastal settlements, the majestic pine forests and the waterfalls. Visit the breathtaking Mount Dirfis in the central part of the island, and sail to Eretria to rejoice in the beaches and medieval monuments.

Andros & Tinos

The islands of Andros and Tinos charm the visitors with their seafaring lifestyle, natural wealth, majestic waters, an abundance of water sports activities, and traditional villages that hide amidst the lush vegetation. Andros is home to many sea explorers, and its climate is ideal for sailing with a super yacht. Tinos, on the other hand, is more traditional, and it invites visitors to discover its gems and the local gastronomy. 

Mykonos & Paros 

What can we say about these two stellar islands? Mykonos and Paros invite their guests to a never-ending luxurious adventure full of premium moments. The windmills and the vibrant social life are the two islands’ trademarks. You can select among various activities, feel like a Prince or Princess and experience luxury like never before. Both are cosmopolitan islands, but many do not know their secret. Mykonos and Paros have magnificent hidden beaches and coves, in which you can enjoy the privacy and the unspoilt natural beauties.

Yacht In The Aegean


Going forth to the majestic Dodecanese island complex, Patmos awaits to welcome you. Many underestimate this particular island due to its link to the Orthodox religion. After all, Saint John wrote the Revelation in Patmos. But those who know appreciate Patmos for all the rest. The island combines sandy beaches with big pebble shores. It is ideal for windsurfing and the secret spot of many celebrities from the fashion and movies industry, as well as the choice of entrepreneurs for all-in-one unique vacations. The majestic castle, the unique architecture of Chora, the vibrant port, and the small inhabited islands around Patmos reveal how special it is. There is also a huge competition regarding the most beautiful sunset of the Aegean Sea between Patmos and Santorini. It’s up to you to decide while being on your opulent and comfortable sundeck. 


Imagine wandering to the whitewashed alleys and indulging in the charming aroma of pink bougainvillaea flowers. Then, rest for a bit and let your eyes wander to the eternal view of the blue Aegean Sea. Additionally, let the sun shine upon you while you watch a breathtaking sunrise from your yacht. Finally, dive deep into the wild sapphire sea and enjoy the cliffs from below. This is just a small taste of the island that inspired many filmmakers to choose it as their filming location. This is Santorini and it will make you fall in love with every view and corner. 

Milos & Sifnos 

“Nothing compares to Sarakiniko”, people who visit Milos say. “Sifnos is voguish and has a summer breeze similar to none”, the rest claim. To tell the truth, both islands are so extraordinary, and their only shared trait is that they are part of the Cycladic cluster. Milos is more traditional with deep blue waters and ideal for deep dives from your yacht. Sifnos is the princess of the Aegean. With its sandy beaches that go for miles, the luxurious lifestyle and the serenity of the villages, Sifnos has sworn fans. But why choose between the two, when you can visit and enjoy both?

4b Yacht

Kythnos & Spetses

Home of the sailing lovers, Kythnos and Spetses are famous for their beauty and unique characteristics. Near Attica, they welcome many yacht devotees every year. Kythnos is ideal for staying on your yacht and enjoying the crystal blue waters around the island. On the other hand, Spetses island indulges you in walking to its carless historical pathways and alleys and enjoying the luxurious lifestyle it offers. In Kythnos, you can find secret coves and rejoice in private experiences. In Spetses, get ready to photograph its stunning landscapes, taste local plates in the enchanting main town, and visit the cosmopolitan beaches.

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