General F.A.Q

How is Covid-19 affecting travel in Greece?

Find out what is the latest Covid-19 guidance from the official government portal.

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What kind of services does OCEDA provide?

OCEDA is in the unique position to offer a comprehensive range of yachting services including but not limited to:

  • Yacht Sales
  • Yacht Charters
  • Agency services
  • Yacht Management

With our team of experts who are all highly experienced in the yachting industry and a vast network of trusted partners, OCEDA offers professional solutions to all client requests.

What countries is OCEDA operating in?

Headquartered in Athens, Greece we are ideally located to cover the needs of all yachts cruising in the East Med and to arrange yacht charters for clients throughout the world with the support of our carefully selected global partners.

Owners F.A.Q

Why does a yacht owner need a management company?

A professional yacht management company can:

  • Reduce and optimize the cost of running a yacht
  • Stall and delay the depreciation of a yachting asset
  • Provide emergency support and limit exposure of the owner to potential liabilities
  • Remove the hassle and stress of handling day to day operations of a yacht

Why choose OCEDA as a yachting services provider in Greece?

OCEDA provides exceptional yachting service in Greece. At OCEDA we do not only believe in service excellence, supported by our team of experts, but also in full transparency, advising clients of all projected costs in advance to the extent possible and recording all relevant time spent and tasks completed in a detailed statement of accounts accompanying any invoices issued.

Is duty-free fuel for yachts available in the East Med?

All commercially registered yachts under charter can obtain duty free fuel. At OCEDA we handle all necessary formalities with the port and customs authorities to allow for duty-free fueling. We advise Captains intending to fuel with duty-free fuel during their charter in Greece to contact us prior to arriving in Greece to finalise all paperwork in advance.

Duty-free fuel is available for private and commercially registered yachts in Albania. At Oceda we are able to cover all duty-free fueling needs working closely with our local partner in Sarande and Durres.

Duty-free fuel is available for private and commercially registered yachts in Turkey subject to such yachts exiting Turkish waters within 24 hours of fueling. At Oceda we are able to cover all duty-free fueling needs working closely with our local partner at all the main marinas/ports on the Turkish coastline.

Why do I need a Greek Charter Licence?

In order to be able to commence and end charters in Greece a yacht must be in possession of a Greek charter licence. Our in-house legal team can guide owners through the relevant necessary process.

Charter F.A.Q

What support does OCEDA offer during the charter process?

We remain on hand throughout the charter to assist in any support required by our charterer clients such as organising an event onboard, booking restaurants, activities and handling any health and safety emergencies.

Oceda also can provide full support to the crew onboard via our agency team such as itinerary planning, the handling of all port formalities, provisioning and fuelling of the yacht.

What are the charter duration and booking lead time?

Depending on the availability of the yacht about a charter duration. a charter can last from 1 day to a few months duration also depending on how long the charterer wants to charter. To ensure finding the perfect yacht for you we recommend that clients reach out to us at least 6 months in advance to the high season and up to three months in advance for off-peak season.

What are the costs the charter fee covers?

Under MYBA terms, the charter fee only covers the hire of the yacht with the crew on board. All additional expenses are covered by the chartering party. To cover such expenses an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is required to cover any provisioning, fueling mooring and legal fees. Any APA not spent or any costs not covered sufficiently by the APA paid will be settled between the parties at the end of the charter. The APA is usually calculated as 25-30% of the charter fee.

What kind of yachts are available for charter?

There is a huge selection of yachts available for charter with motor and sailing yachts ranging from a few meters to 90m plus. Depending on the needs of the charterer, in OCEDA we can find a yacht that suits your needs, whether that is one with a vast selection of water toys for a family charter or a classic sailing yacht.

What are the main charter seasons?

There are two main peak seasons in the yachting industry – summer and winter. The summer season spans from May to October with the Mediterranean and Northern Europe being the most popular choices, while the winter season starts in November through April with the Caribbean, Florida and the Indian Ocean usually being the location of choice.

Sales F.A.Q

What can Oceda offer to you by managing your yacht?

As Oceda has helped you through the whole process of choosing a yacht for your preference and has also become familiar with the yacht and your needs, it is only a given that we have the most experience with our client in knowing exactly what they want and need. Oceda can cover all needs to the up-keeping of the client’s yacht, from organizing berthing to finding the right crew.

Oceda yacht management specializes in reducing and optimizing the cost of running your yacht, and completely being able to handle all day to day operations by managing your yacht. Oceda will help you find a berth as well as yacht maintenance and repair shipyards and specialists if a refit is needed. At Oceda our main goal is to make our clients yacht experience be as swiftly and easy as possible. In order for our client to have the most beneficial yacht experience without any limitations we are at his service at all times whenever any requirement is needed.

What are the steps taken when closing a deal on a purchase of a yacht?

Once having chosen a yacht the buyer makes a formal offer to purchase the vessel. This is then presented by Oceda to the seller on a standard Sale and Purchase Agreement between Seller and Buyer to buy the yacht, and outlines the timing for sea trial, survey, acceptance and closing. Making your offer should also require a deposit of the offer price. The seller finally accepts the offer to buy, and the survey and sea trials are done and acceptance and closing of the yacht are to be agreed upon.

Oceda handles all offers and negotiations until the buyer and seller agree terms and conditions. From the initial Offer to Purchase and Bill of Sale to licensing and registration; or documentation and ownership titling, to paying tax(es) and other fees and other documents needed to complete a sale. Oceda is also equipped with a legal advising department to fully engage in all legal matters in regard to the sale and purchase of a vessel.

What factors do you need to consider when selecting a yacht to purchase?

The most important role in choosing a vessel is knowing exactly what the yacht will be used for, so picking the right category for your type of use is important and deciding the performance of the yacht also helps to know exactly what you’re looking for. Assessing your needs is what Oceda helps to do to find the right yacht that’s suitable for the client. Estimating your yearly budget also plays a vital role when deciding what yacht to buy as the yacht needs constant upkeeping and you need to take this all into consideration, and of course your budget overall for buying a yacht.

There are multiple major factors to consider when purchasing a vessel is whether you want a new built or pre-owned, custom build or production line? Sailing yacht or a motor yacht? And many more factors such as length, number of cabins, etc. We are here to help you make the right choice and cover all your needs. Once all these decisions are completed, we will use our global network of yacht professionals to source and shortlist all relevant yachts.

Oceda will determine whether or not the yacht you have chosen is the right choice at the best value. We can inform you of the history of the yacht, how long its been on the market and the motivations of the seller. Oceda has good knowledge of current market conditions, knows about the familiarities of similar yachts, and recent sale prices and time on the market, sources that are not familiar to everyone but to specialists focused on the yacht industry in the Mediterranean and especially the Greek market.

Why choose Oceda when wanting to buy a yacht?

If you are looking for a yacht to use in the Mediterranean or have it birthed here in Greece, Oceda is the perfect fit for you, not only do we specialize in a certain category of yachts but in a whole variety of yachts to fit the one that’s to the most liking for our client. We have the sources and experts to help you find the “perfect yacht” and once that has been achieved, we can continue to be there and manage your yacht for all needs required. Oceda is a company with many expertise such as yacht sales, charters, agency services and yacht management.

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