What can Oceda offer to you by managing your yacht?

As Oceda has helped you through the whole process of choosing a yacht for your preference and has also become familiar with the yacht and your needs, it is only a given that we have the most experience with our client in knowing exactly what they want and need. Oceda can cover all needs to the up-keeping of the client’s yacht, from organizing berthing to finding the right crew.

Oceda yacht management specializes in reducing and optimizing the cost of running your yacht, and completely being able to handle all day to day operations by managing your yacht. Oceda will help you find a berth as well as yacht maintenance and repair shipyards and specialists if a refit is needed. At Oceda our main goal is to make our clients yacht experience be as swiftly and easy as possible. In order for our client to have the most beneficial yacht experience without any limitations we are at his service at all times whenever any requirement is needed.


Yacht Charter