What factors do you need to consider when selecting a yacht to purchase?

The most important role in choosing a vessel is knowing exactly what the yacht will be used for, so picking the right category for your type of use is important and deciding the performance of the yacht also helps to know exactly what you’re looking for. Assessing your needs is what Oceda helps to do to find the right yacht that’s suitable for the client. Estimating your yearly budget also plays a vital role when deciding what yacht to buy as the yacht needs constant upkeeping and you need to take this all into consideration, and of course your budget overall for buying a yacht.

There are multiple major factors to consider when purchasing a vessel is whether you want a new built or pre-owned, custom build or production line? Sailing yacht or a motor yacht? And many more factors such as length, number of cabins, etc. We are here to help you make the right choice and cover all your needs. Once all these decisions are completed, we will use our global network of yacht professionals to source and shortlist all relevant yachts.

Oceda will determine whether or not the yacht you have chosen is the right choice at the best value. We can inform you of the history of the yacht, how long its been on the market and the motivations of the seller. Oceda has good knowledge of current market conditions, knows about the familiarities of similar yachts, and recent sale prices and time on the market, sources that are not familiar to everyone but to specialists focused on the yacht industry in the Mediterranean and especially the Greek market.


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