Greece A Great Destination For Off Season Luxury Yacht Charter

How does it sound to get on board your ideal luxury yacht and enjoy the best holidays in the off-season?

Most people choose peak season to book their yacht charter and go on a cruise to amazing destinations. Nonetheless, we have a secret to reveal; holidays on a yacht during the off-season!

But first, let’s clarify the peak and low seasons for yacht chartering.

Peak Season

From the second half of May to mid-September, yacht chartering in Greece is considered at its peak. And for a good reason, since most people arrange their vacations in the wonderful and beautiful Greek Islands. Another factor that impacts the selection is the vibrant life on the islands and the weather. The temperatures are high, and the sun is perfect for getting a fantastic tan.

Low (off) Season

Choosing the off-season in Greece as a chartering destination means you will sail from the end of September through May. How do you feel about it? Is it worth it to change or adapt your holidays to travel to Greece and rejoice in the most amazing hidden spots for an unforgettable experience?

It is a huge YES for us and yacht enthusiasts from around the world!

Why off-season yacht charter is a must

Booking a luxury yacht charter off-season has many advantages. Many savvy charterers prefer sailing with their luxury yacht to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. An off-season luxury yacht charter is undoubtedly a highly appealing prospect.

  1. Off-season destinations are less crowded. That means that you can enjoy yourself more and relax. The serene anchorages and the iconic hospitality of the Mediterranean and especially Greece will win your heart. The options of enjoying the unspoilt beaches, tasting local flavours and living the world-renown social and nightlife are the same. Even better, being less crowded means, you will eat at your favorite restaurant and drink your cocktail more laid back and at a better pace.
  2. Clearly, the off-season is a must because you have a wide array of yacht options. You can select from a vast variety of super and mega yachts that will cater to all your needs.
  3. Then, we should make a special mention of the costs. The rates are better, and there are more offers to choose from. While the quality of services and the variety of yachts are high, you can get much better rates and offers.
  4. The myth regarding temperatures and the weather should stop spreading. The balmy temperatures in eternal must destinations like the Mediterranean are perfect for your holidays. Especially in Greece, the weather is great. No annoying “Meltemi wind”; the north dry winds in the Aegean blowing from mid-May to Mid Sept. 

Popular destinations for off-season yacht chartering

Have you discovered the unparalleled beauties of the Aegean Islands?

Have you cruised to the cinematic Ionian Sea?

We will describe two multifaceted destinations for you to take a peak. Our advice?

Go ahead, read all about them, and imagine yourself enjoying them on a luxurious yacht. It does sound marvellous, doesn’t it?


Ionian Sea: Perfect for yachting

In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, the Ionian islands are the perfect destination for yachting vacations. Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Kerkira, and Lefkada are some of the most iconic islands. They have been the protagonists in famous Hollywood films and international productions. Ionian islands are full of natural green beauties and deep blue waters landscapes.

Here, you can enjoy the Italian-styled Renaissance architecture, the lush landscape, the charming fishing villages and the pure sapphire waters you can only reach with your yacht.

Charter your yacht off-season and discover:

  • Lefkada, which boasts as one of the top windsurfing European destinations, in Europe.
  • Corfu with its iconic tradition and Roman remnants.
  • Zakynthos with the famous loggerhead sea turtles
  • Kefalonia which is the largest island of the Ionian Sea and combines serenity and luxury social life harmoniously
  • Paxos with its Venetian castle and the most unspoilt clear blue waters

Aegean Sea: The magnificent, cosmopolitan islands


What more do we have to add to the already impeccable Aegean island complex?

Famous for the versatile beauties, the historical monuments, the distinct architecture, the luxurious lifestyle and the unique hidden coves. The Aegean islands might consist of 6 divisions, but we surely suggest for off-season chartering a yacht in the Sporades, Saronic Gulf and the Cyclades, of course! All three areas have their unique and unparalleled beauties and sceneries.

They are all-inclusive, as they cater to all the different needs of the charterers. Whether looking for peaceful luxury, cosmopolitan lifestyle and nightlife, long strolls and discoveries of hidden beaches, or unique local flavours, the Islands of Cyclades, Sporades and the Saronic Gulf embody everything you are looking for in an unforgettable experience.


  • The cosmopolitan Skiathos and the serene Skopelos in Sporades
  • The picturesque Poros, the luxurious Spetses and the traditional Hydra in the Saronic Gulf
  • Milos, Mykonos, Tinos, Naxos and more from the iconic Cycladic island complex.

How OCEDA delivers the ideal yacht charter experience

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What makes us your ideal yacht broker?

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Ready for the off-season experience of a lifetime with the yacht charter of your dreams?