Chartering a yacht allows you to enjoy the world’s most magnificent locations in style. And Hydra and Spetses embody the off-the-beaten-path and luxurious Greek island lifestyle. From the lively nightlife to the tranquil beaches, paradise awaits.

What do you know about Hydra & Spetses?

Nestled in the Saronic Gulf, Hydra and Spetses offer a unique blend of natural beauty, fascinating history, and contemporary luxury. Hydra is car-free, filled with gorgeous stone mansions, winding streets, and clear blue waters, while Spetses boasts elegant architecture, beautiful beaches, and vibrant nightlife.

Let’s look closer…

Hydra, the fabulous upscale island

Hydra is renowned for its elegant and sophisticated character, making it a favorite destination for affluent travelers seeking an opulent experience. It has attracted famous artists, celebrities, and intellectuals for centuries. 

Boasting high-end boutiques, upscale restaurants, and luxurious accommodations,  Hydra’s ambiance exudes a refined and upscale aura—whether you are strolling through the quaint alleys or indulging in the chic nightlife.

Fine dining, fresh fish, savory wine & cocktails in Hydra

Hydra offers a delightful dining experience with an array of fine dining and traditional culinary experiences. 

Reserve a table at Téchnē Restaurant & Social, where Executive Chef Yannis Michalopoulos elevates Greek cuisine with a seasonal menu and a sophisticated wine list. Or, if you crave the taste of Italy, try the delectable menu at Caprice Ristorante’s and enjoy your meal on a quaint cobbled terrace adorned with blooming trellises.

After a day of swimming, walking, and exploring the beauty of Hydra, refuel at  Tavern of Marina with traditional Greek dishes, generous portions, and an inviting atmosphere.

Another local favorite is Oraia, with its fresh seafood and Greek recipes that have been beloved for generations.

At Dolly’s Bar and Restaurant, you can indulge in tender grilled octopus drizzled with local olive oil and lemon before the main course of slow-cooked lamb shank served in a rich red wine sauce.  The entire dining experience is in the stately mansion of Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel.

Stroll, stroll and stroll in Hydra’s alleys

With no cars allowed, well-worn cobbled walking paths will lead you through one of the most picturesque islands in Greece.

Narrow alleys are lined with grand mansions. And as you stroll the island, you’ll discover everything from the Profitis Ilias monastery to enchanting boutiques. The dazzling blue Aegean Sea is a brilliant backdrop.

Deep dive into the sapphire blue waters

The waters around Hydra are famous for their clarity and vivid colors, making it a popular destination for snorkeling and freediving. 

The island also has numerous beaches, ranging from secluded coves to lively shores, where you can enjoy swimming in the pristine waters. Whether you seek adventure or relaxation in Hydra’s waters, OCEDA can help you find the most memorable experiences.

Spetses, the indulging affluent island

Spetses is widely considered to be one of the most affluent and prestigious Greek islands.

The rich history and prosperous past of Spetses as a maritime center have left a lasting legacy of elegant architecture, aristocratic mansions, and sophisticated cultural events. 

The island’s luxurious character is reflected in its high-end boutiques, fine-dining restaurants, and upscale accommodations. And it attracts wealthy visitors worldwide, who come to enjoy the island’s unparalleled lavish lifestyle. 

It’s an ideal location for a stop during your Saronic Sea cruise.

Get enchanted by the Unique Architecture of Spetses 

As a prosperous maritime center in the 18th and 19th centuries, Spetses was home to wealthy shipowners who built grand mansions. These mansions showcase a mix of neoclassical, Venetian, and traditional Greek styles, creating a harmonious blend of beauty and elegance. 

Exploring the streets and alleys of Spetses is a delight for architecture lovers and casual visitors alike. A favorite is the Church of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, a landmark of neoclassical architecture. 

Ready to walk, ride a horse-drawn carriage, or a bicycle?

Exploring Spetses couldn’t be more romantic.  

Colorful horse-drawn carriages tour the waterfront from the port of Dapia to the Old Harbour, allowing you to take in the island’s grandeur and the warm breezes in comfort.

A bike ride along Spetses’ wide coastal path treats cyclists to stunning vistas all the way around the small island.

Or, one of the many walking paths will weave you slowly through the most beautiful sites of this exclusive island.

The Armata Festival

If you can time it just right, the second week in September, you’ll be treated to a remarkable island experience, the Armata Festival. As always this year the celebrations will take place in the second weekend of September, from September 8 to Sep 15, 2023.

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The festival commemorates an 1822 naval conflict, where more than a hundred ships from the region emerged triumphant against an Ottoman fleet that outnumbered them tenfold.

Fireworks and the lighting of an Ottoman model vessel are a jubilant experience. 

Wide array of onshore activities

Explore the island’s rich history by visiting the museums and landmarks, such as the Bouboulina Museum and the Posidonio Maritime Museum.  

Your yacht’s crew can arrange various activities for adventure enthusiasts, including hiking, cycling, and horseback riding.

The fun continues long after sunset with Spetses’ nightlife scene.  Cosmopolitan bars and clubs provide the perfect place to drink and dance under the moon.

Swim in Spetses coves & secluded beaches

Don’t miss Spetses’ laidback side.  

Tucked into the coast’s nooks awaits several pristine beaches and mesmerizing waters. 

Zogeria beach, for example, has a quaint chapel of Agios Georgios. And Xilokeriza beach boasts breathtaking natural beauty with its sandy beach nestled against a lush green background.  

Vrellos beach, most commonly reached by boat, stretches long against the coast, and a path winds through shady forests to the highest point of the island for a spectacular view from above.

Enjoy the fusion of traditional and modern cuisine

The food on Hydra is a feast for the senses, offering a mouth-watering selection of traditional Greek dishes made with fresh, local ingredients and served in idyllic settings.

On the Verandah at the great Poseidon Grand Hotel is a classic.  The award-winning restaurant serves refined cuisine and an old-world grace experience not to be missed.

Another local favorite and landmark is Orloff’s.  They are known for their variety of mezes, small dishes designed for sharing, on their waterfront veranda overlooking the islands of Hydra, Kokos, and Trikeri.

For the freshest seafood, the family-run restaurants of Patralis Fish Tavern and Tarsanas dish up elegant meals with the highest-quality ingredients.

And for those moments when you are looking for something lighter and livelier, stop by Bikini—you’ll find casual dining and dancing on the bottom, or reserve a table for fine dining on the top terrace.

Upscale your lifestyle in Hydra and Spetses with OCEDA services

OCEDA can transform your vacation in Hydra and Spetses into a lavish and unforgettable experience by ensuring that every aspect of your journey is smooth—from the itinerary planning to the dining experience.

From the moment you step aboard one of our magnificent yachts, we welcome you into a world of luxury and comfort.

You’ll enjoy our full range of amenities, including private chefs, spa treatments, and water sports, all in the privacy of your own vessel.

With OCEDA’s dedication to delivering exceptional experiences, you can upscale your lifestyle and create memories in Hydra and Spetses that will last a lifetime.