The Saronic Gulf Islands are some of the most exclusive cruising grounds in the world.

These Greek islands have beckoned visitors since antiquity with their natural beauty—sapphire waters, emerald hillsides and aquamarine bays rimmed with gold beaches are just the beginning.

Come, let’s explore these precious islands some more…

Which islands belong to the Saronic Gulf cluster?

1 Itinerary Saronic Gulf

The seven islands of Salamina, Aegina, Hydra, Poros, Spetses, Dokos and Agistiri make up the Saronic archipelago that lies just off the coast of Athens in the Saronic Gulf.

Together these islands hold the perfect balance of classical history, natural beauty, and cosmopolitan appeal.

You can move seamlessly from enjoying a stroll along the cobbled seaside boutiques and ceramic studios in Aegina to overlooking the sea from the ancient Temple of Aphaia.

And, by far, the best way to experience these island gems is on your own luxury charter yacht.

A luxury once-in-a-lifetime experience in the islands of the Saronic Gulf

With a private yacht charter, you’ll select from a fleet of immaculate yachts and be matched with a professional crew tailored to your expectations.

Your itinerary will be crafted so you can experience these beautiful islands exactly how you want and create the moments you’ll remember forever.

Let’s look at what an OCEDA-arranged charter through the Saronic Gulf Islands could look like for you…

From Athens to Nafplion

You’ll be boarding your yacht in Athens, but the city itself deserves a day or two to take in before you depart. It has some of the finest dining, galleries and designer shops in the world. And its archaeological sites, like the Parthenon, are unmatched.

When you’re ready, your personal crew will welcome you aboard and settle you in as you sail toward Nafplion. Here, you can explore this town’s secrets and discover its culinary treasures with a walking tour through the picture-perfect alleys. Or, if you are up for a hike instead, ancient paths will weave through archaeological ruins toward the Palamidi Castle, where stunning panoramic views wait for you.

2 Nafplion

From Nafplion to Spetses

Spetses is about as romantic of an island as you can find, and there are plenty of ways to experience it.

Enjoy the fresh breeze along the waterfront colonnade in a horse-drawn carriage that goes between the scenic Port of Dapia to the traditional shipyards of Old Harbor. Or circumnavigate the small island by bike—the wide, flat waterfront makes a perfect path. On your way, you’ll find world-renowned restaurants and local taverns worth visiting.

Alternatively, take a shady walk through a small forest that reveals picturesque views of the harbor and will lead you to the island’s lighthouse, one of the oldest in Greece.

Wind down the day with a show at the open-air cinema in Dapia, the Bouboulina.

From Spetses to Hydra

Your next stop, Hydra, may capture your heart before you even step ashore as the island’s sweet scent of jasmine and wild herbs float across the water.

There is rare pureness here as the island embraces a no-car policy. Instead, well-worn footpaths guide you to the island’s treasures.

Head up toward the Monastery of Prophet Elias. Or head down to the water’s edge to find your own secluded beach or go for a casual horseback ride along the coast.

In town, the pretty shops, art galleries and architecture showcase the island’s history as a prominent naval port.

For dinner, Hydra hosts a variety of desirable dining options, almost all with seaside views.

From Hydra to Poros & the Sunken City

As your captain pilots your yacht toward Poros, you’ll spot one of the island’s landmarks, the 1927 built clock that stands tall above the cobbled streets and tiled rooftops.

Poros has something for everyone. For thrill-seekers, Drepani Water Ski Resort provides ski lessons from champion athletes in their lagoon.

Or, for those seeking relaxation and reflection, a stroll through the scented lemon forest followed by a dip in the sea is reinvigorating and provides fresh perspectives and beautiful views.

The ultimate highlight, though, is the sunken city of Epidaurus. You can snorkel over the submerged ancient city in crystal-clear water. It’s like swimming through a National Geographic Magazine cover. Lying in only 2 meters of water, you can view the Mycenaean tombs, walls and foundations from these 12th-century BC ruins.

From Poros to Agkistri

Agkistri is an island of natural wonders and stunning beaches.

Nooks and crannies along the coast create sheltered bays that charm swimmers with clear waters. Aponissos Beach is the largest of these natural pools.

Skala Beach, on the other hand, boasts a long, deep sandy beach stretching over 3 km. The local town awaits with cafes and taverns when you are ready for refreshment. And, for sunset lovers, Dragonera Beach provides the best views on the island. Grab a cocktail at the tiny beach bar nestled into the greenery that envelops the soft sand beach.

Local traditional cuisine can be found ashore, or your chef can prepare a personal favorite for you aboard.

From Agkistri to Aigina

Aigina has a distinct character that draws you in. Freshly painted fishing boats line the harbor’s edge. Narrow stone streets lead to taverns, like Aeginitissa, which is famous for its fresh seafood menu. And shops offer up their pistachios which are known internationally for their quality.

Wandering away from the coast, you can visit one of Greece’s most beautiful archaeological sites, the ancient temple of Aphaia. It’s dedicated to the local mother goddess of fertility and agriculture.

One of the best walks on the island will lead you to the ancient olive tree grove—some trees are thought to be over a thousand years old. Let the crew pack you a picnic to enjoy at the tiny chapel found in the valley.

From Aigina back to Athens

Step aboard your yacht for the final short cruise across the Saronic Gulf waters to Athens.

Your once-in-a-lifetime escape is far from over as you enjoy the coastline views and personal attention from your crew on your private deck.

The sun and sea have always had a way of making everything more vivid—including memories.

Is it time to create your own cruise through the Saronic Gulf on a charter yacht?

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