Embark on a journey through the Aegean Sea’s most enchanting islands, each offering its unique allure. Your ticket and getaway? A luxury yacht charter!

Rhodes enchants every visitor with its blend of ancient wonders and vibrant present, while Kos captivates with a tapestry of emerald landscapes and azure waters, punctuated by ancient sanctuaries. Less frequented but equally intriguing, Kalymnos dares you to explore its craggy cliffs and deep-sea mysteries.

The Luxury Yachting Experience

Exclusivity, privacy, and comfort at sea

Indulge in a sanctuary of luxury aboard your own yacht. Your yacht itself is a showpiece in fine living—elegantly designed private cabins lined with sumptuous materials, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, and gastronomic feasts prepared by our onboard chefs. Deck spaces unfurl generously, giving you prime seats to the unfolding panorama of the Aegean Sea.

Personalized island exploration with a luxury yacht charter

Traversing these islands on your chartered yacht elevates your journey to unrivaled heights of exclusivity. More than a voyage, it’s a curated experience attended by a handpicked crew dedicated to personalizing each aspect of your travel. Think private spa treatments on the aft deck, private tours of ancient ruins, or a secluded dinner at sea, each tailored to your desires.

Choose your own course

The beauty of private chartering lies not just in its opulence but in its flexibility. Your itinerary is fluid, adapting to your mood and whims. Want to explore the medieval streets of Rhodes until dusk? Your yacht waits. Eager to Kos’ azure waters? Set sail on your command. This is travel, unshackled and endlessly yours.

Exploring the hidden gems of Rhodes, Kos, and Kalymnos

These islands, each a treasure in the Aegean Sea, offer a kaleidoscope of experiences— from the timeworn streets of Rhodes to the scenic beaches of Kos and the adventure-filled coves of Kalymnos. Embark on a journey that seamlessly weaves history, luxury, and natural beauty.

Unraveling the historic charm of Rhodes

Rhodes enchants travelers with its blend of history and natural allure. Meander through the cobblestone streets of Rhodes Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where every stone whispers tales of crusaders and emperors. Not far from the allure of ancient streets, the Acropolis of Lindos stands as a monumental testament to the island’s rich past. For art enthusiasts, the Modern Greek Art Museum showcases works that offer a contemporary contrast to the island’s ancient ruins.

Set sail to Anthony Quinn Bay, a secluded enclave surrounded by pine-covered cliffs. This bay serves as a sanctuary for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. The waters here hide lesser-known treasures, accessible only by yacht, offering an exclusive, serene escape. As evening colors the sky, dine in Lindos at Mavrikos, a culinary hotspot where the island’s history is elegantly served.

The rich tapestry of Kos from past to present

Kos beckons with its stretches of sandy beaches framed by emerald landscapes, all enriched by its ancient history. Explore the Asclepeion, a sanctuary dedicated to the god of medicine, offering a profound look into medical rituals of the past. Meander through Zia, a mountain village adorned with cobbled pathways and flower-adorned houses, where the scent of thyme and oregano wafts through the air.

Water sports enthusiasts will find their haven here—whether windsurfing atop waves or diving into the depths to explore sunken treasures.

Limnionas Bay is an exclusive escape, its secluded coves cradling turquoise waters. When twilight settles, the coastline lights up with an array of bars and eateries, each reflecting Kos’s vibrant culture and culinary artistry.

Kalymnos, a playground for the daring and adventurous

Kalymnos captivates with its jagged cliffs and tranquil coastlines. Known as the sponge-diving capital, the island supplements its underwater offerings with deep-rooted local traditions. Dive into the Blue Hole, an intricate underwater maze, or explore forgotten shipwrecks. Its seafront towns feature narrow lanes wrapped in Venetian charm for leisurely strolls.

For a different pace, head to Arginonta Bay, a secluded inlet surrounded by limestone cliffs ideal for rock climbing. Nearby Telendos Island provides more rock-climbing options. Whether diving or climbing, Kalymnos offers a range of activities set against a backdrop of rugged beauty and hidden bays.

Culinary Experiences of Rhodes, Kos, and Kalymnos

Indulge in sumptuous meals that extend the richness of the islands onto your plate.

Savor the unique tastes that define local culture

Rhodes tempts palates with ‘melekouni,’ a honey-nut sesame treat often served at weddings. Sample this delicacy at many local artisan shops, where the recipe has been passed down for generations. In Kos, the choice is abundant, but ‘posa cheese,’ a wine-soaked cheese, stands out for its unique flavor. Visit Okeanos, where the dish is masterfully prepared. Kalymnos offers the succulent ‘mytzithra,’ a soft cheese reminiscent of ricotta but deeply enriched by local herbs.

Gourmet meals await you aboard

Your yacht offers a culinary experience that rivals any island fine dining establishment. In the hands of our skilled chefs, the day’s fresh catches and locally sourced ingredients become gourmet meals, each reflecting the culinary traditions of Greece. Imagine savoring a dish of lobster linguini infused with fresh oregano from Kos, all while anchored in a secluded cove.

Expert Insights on Luxury Yacht Charter

April to October provides the most idyllic weather for luxury yacht chartering around these Aegean jewels. The summer months—June to August—are ideal for those who love the vibrant energy of the islands, as festivals and local events are in full swing. For a quieter, more secluded experience, consider May or September, when the weather is still warm but the crowds have diminished.

The OCEDA difference on Luxury Yacht Charter

Unmatched luxury, tailored itineraries, and an intimate understanding of the Greek Islands are the pillars of an OCEDA voyage.

Every element of your luxury yacht charter is tailored to your preferences, from secluded retreats to action-packed discoveries, making each voyage a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Make your journey through the Dodecanes islands of Rhodes, Kos, and Kalymnos transcend typical travel. Ensure each island becomes not just a destination but an experience amplified by the personalized service of your professional crew.

Book now and set sail on a journey that promises to exceed your grandest expectations.