Facilitating you trip for every port and entry point

Our team of specialists are on hand 24/7 to assist with all yacht formalities necessary to enter and cruise in our region’s waters including:

  • Handling of all port authority requirements
  • Handling all customs authority requirements
  • Arranging of all immigration procedures
  • Clearance procedures in/out of Greece
  • Cash to master and declaration assistance
  • Translation of legal documentation and certification
  • Advice in relation to chartering and fiscal regulations
  • Authorization for submarines and helicopter use

EU Registered Private Yachts

EU private registered yachts don’t require any special cruising document for cruising in Greece, but only the Crew & Guest List to be stamped by the port authorities once entering in the country during the “Clear in” process, and a second time when the yacht leaves Greece during the “Clear out”. 

non-EU Registered Private Yachts

All yachts upon arrival in Greece, should “Clear In” the country at an Official Port of Entry. According to your itinerary and your last port of call before entering Greece (Schengen or non-Schengen area), your agent will advise the most suitable Port of Entry, and the requirements for the clearance process.  

During the clearance process the agent will secure the issuance of your Transit log, the necessary document cruising in Greece. 

Commercial Yachts – Cruising Guidelines

All Non-EU and EU commercial registered yachts whose owners wish to cruise in Greece, can embark and disembark their guests in the country, and they are treated as Non-EU or EU private yachts. 

All commercial NON-Greek flagged yachts, without a Greek charter license cannot start or end a charter in Greece. If such a yacht is to perform a charter in Greece, her guests must then be embarked and disembarked outside of the country. 

All Non-Greek flagged yachts with a Greek charter license can charter in Greece, embarking and disembarking their guests in the country. 

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Sourcing products from anywhere in the world


Immediate and swift handling of all requests and enquiries


We cover all yacht fuel bunkering needs throughout Greece to yachts and their support crafts

Legal Consultation

A legal team able to handle complex issues of law and insurance advising


The Oceda team works alongside Owners and Captains to tailor our technical yacht service to each Owner’s specific needs


Is duty-free fuel for yachts available in the East Med?

All commercially registered yachts under charter can obtain duty free fuel. At OCEDA we handle all necessary formalities with the port and customs authorities to allow for duty-free fueling. We advise Captains intending to fuel with duty-free fuel during their charter in Greece to contact us prior to arriving in Greece to finalise all paperwork in advance.

Duty-free fuel is available for private and commercially registered yachts in Albania. At Oceda we are able to cover all duty-free fueling needs working closely with our local partner in Sarande and Durres.

Duty-free fuel is available for private and commercially registered yachts in Turkey subject to such yachts exiting Turkish waters within 24 hours of fueling. At Oceda we are able to cover all duty-free fueling needs working closely with our local partner at all the main marinas/ports on the Turkish coastline.

How is Covid-19 affecting travel in Greece?

Find out what is the latest Covid-19 guidance from the official government portal.

Protocol for Arrivals in and Departures from Greece –

What are the charter duration and booking lead time?

The charter duration depends on the yacht’s availability. A charter can last from 1 day (for some of the yachts) to more than a month, also depending on how long the charterer wants to charter. To ensure finding the perfect yacht for you we recommend that clients reach out to us at least 6 months in advance to the high season and up to three months in advance for off-peak season.

What are the costs the charter fee covers?

Under MYBA terms, the charter fee only covers the hire of the yacht with the crew on board. All additional expenses are covered by the chartering party. To cover such expenses an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is required to cover any provisioning, fueling mooring and legal fees. Any APA not spent or any costs not covered sufficiently by the APA paid will be settled between the parties at the end of the charter. The APA is usually calculated as 30-40% of the charter fee. The charterer should also consider VAT and potential gratuities to the crew for their decision on a yacht.

SSN Announcements – What are they?

For Private Registered Yachts Over 300 GRT and over 45 meters LOA, and all Commercial registered yachts despite their length and GT, mandatory SSN announcements per movement must be sent to the authorities: –

·       24 hours pre-arrival notice for all Greek ports and anchorages.

·       Actual Time of Arrival (ATA) within 30 min of docking (mandatory from 01/08/20).

·       Actual Time of Departure (ATD) within 30 min of departure (mandatory from 01/08/20).

To arrange the SSN announcements on your behalf, we will need updates regarding your movements to inform the authorities accordingly.


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