The Oceda team is comprised of skilled professionals in every field of yacht operations who fully understand the requirements and challenges of operating and managing a yacht. In Oceda, we ensure that yachts under our management are maintained, operated and administered to the highest possible standards.

Why professional yacht management?

Cost control

Operating and maintaining a superyacht involves considerable expense. A yacht manager can assist the Owner and Captain in controlling cost by checking every expense and optimising yearly operations and maintenance works.

Asset value protection

From the sale and purchase point of view, we preserve the capital value by maintaining the yacht to the highest standards. Although this does not mean that the superyacht becomes an asset with increasing capital value, but rather that the capital depreciation is minimized to a reasonable level.​

Risk management

Vessels at sea come with a wide and significant range of potential liabilities for the Owner from both the operations of the vessel and from crew employment. With the appointment of an expert yacht manager the Owner can limit exposure to liabilities.

Our Goals

When undertaking the yacht management, our main goals are to:

  • maintain highest industry standards at all times
  • protect the Owner’s investment, resolve all complications without delay and to enhance their yachting experience.
  • remove the day-to-day burden and responsibility of running the yacht from the Owner
  • provide the Captain and Crew with 24hr onshore support
  • respond to urgent situations and emergencies around the clock

Management Services

Operational Support

OCEDA takes responsibility of all logistics relevant to private or commercial cruising


The Oceda team works alongside Owners and Captains to tailor our technical yacht service to each Owner’s specific needs

Accounting & Administration

We bring order in the finances for your yacht

Crew Management

We handle day to day management of crew turnover, contracts of employment and payroll

Legal Consultation

A legal team able to handle complex issues of law and insurance advising


Why do I need a Greek Charter Licence?

In order to be able to commence and end charters in Greece a yacht must be in possession of a Greek charter licence. Our in-house legal team can guide owners through the relevant necessary process.

Why does a yacht owner need a management company?

A professional yacht management company can:

  • Reduce and optimize the cost of running a yacht
  • Stall and delay the depreciation of a yachting asset
  • Provide emergency support and limit exposure of the owner to potential liabilities
  • Remove the hassle and stress of handling day to day operations of a yacht

Why choose OCEDA as a yachting services provider in Greece?

OCEDA provides exceptional yachting service in Greece. At OCEDA we do not only believe in service excellence, supported by our team of experts, but also in full transparency, advising clients of all projected costs in advance to the extent possible and recording all relevant time spent and tasks completed in a detailed statement of accounts accompanying any invoices issued.

What can Oceda offer to you by managing your yacht?

As Oceda has helped you through the whole process of choosing a yacht for your preference and has also become familiar with the yacht and your needs, it is only a given that we have the most experience with our client in knowing exactly what they want and need. Oceda can cover all needs to the up-keeping of the client’s yacht, from organizing berthing to finding the right crew.

Oceda yacht management specializes in reducing and optimizing the cost of running your yacht, and completely being able to handle all day to day operations by managing your yacht. Oceda will help you find a berth as well as yacht maintenance and repair shipyards and specialists if a refit is needed. At Oceda our main goal is to make our clients yacht experience be as swiftly and easy as possible. In order for our client to have the most beneficial yacht experience without any limitations we are at his service at all times whenever any requirement is needed.


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