Our reputable and efficient yacht sales team specializes in new and pre-owned yachts. We fully understand the importance of having an experienced and knowledgeable broker when searching for the “perfect” yacht. We then make certain to remain objective and act at all times in the buyer’s best interests, throughout the buying process.

Oceda will guide you through all aspects of the purchase process including finance options, legal consultation, transactional documents, condition surveys, ownership structures and flag registration tailor-made to the client’s needs.

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Let us know your budget, hobbies, interests and preferred cruising grounds and we will source the ideal yacht


In Oceda, we ensure that yachts under our management are maintained, operated and administered to the highest possible standards


We provide a complete yacht agency service from arrival to departure throughout Greece and the rest of the East Med

Legal Consultation

A legal team able to handle complex issues of law and insurance advising


The Oceda team works alongside Owners and Captains to tailor our technical yacht service to each Owner’s specific needs


We cover all yacht fuel bunkering needs throughout Greece to yachts and their support crafts


What are the parameters the owner should take under consideration when selecting a Flag State?

The flag state governs the laws and regulations under which the vessel is inspected, certified and operated.

The main parameters that drive the decision of the flag registration are:

  • Experience and reputation – The Port State control Rankings is regularly measuring the performance of flag states and classification societies
  • Nationality and Residency of the Owner
  • Classification Society certification
  • Documentation requirements of the flag
  • Home port of the vessel
  • Owning company of the vessel
  • Set up and Annual fees, Tax regime
  • Private or Commercial (charter) usage of the vessel
  • Manning Requirements

Why choose Oceda when wanting to buy a yacht?

If you are looking for a yacht to use in the Mediterranean or have it birthed here in Greece, Oceda is the perfect fit for you, not only do we specialize in a certain category of yachts but in a whole variety of yachts to fit the one that’s to the most liking for our client. We have the sources and experts to help you find the “perfect yacht” and once that has been achieved, we can continue to be there and manage your yacht for all needs required. Oceda is a company with many expertise such as yacht sales, charters, agency services and yacht management.

Why does a yacht owner need a management company?

A professional yacht management company can:

  • Reduce and optimize the cost of running a yacht
  • Stall and delay the depreciation of a yachting asset
  • Provide emergency support and limit exposure of the owner to potential liabilities
  • Remove the hassle and stress of handling day to day operations of a yacht


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