Yach vacations in Greek islands

Beyond incredible historical sites and delicious Mediterranean cuisine, Greece is the perfect choice for yacht vacations all summer long. Marvelous sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, picturesque villages and the short-distant islands of the Aegean make Greece a one-of-a-kind cruising destination.

A plethora of activities awaits you while cruising in Greece. Explore the sea of the Ancient Greek god Poseidon and discover this blessed country. Diving, water-skiing, fishing, windsurfing, shopping, dining and sightseeing are only some of the things you can experience in Greece onshore and onboard. Countless islands, bays and sea caves will lift up the exploration spirit, while you revel in the luxury of a superyacht.

Why cruise in Greece

Greece is an ancient country with numerous UNESCO sites. Greek history begins somewhere in the Late Bronze Age. Taking a journey through the archeological sites of this amazing country would be a unique opportunity to learn more about Greek civilization. Explore Greek culture and history while cruising the coastline onboard.

Start your charter in Athens and visit the famous Parthenon standing now for more than two thousand years. Once onboard, cruise to Delos island, the mythological birthplace of God Apollo. Gaze at Portara of Naxos. Discover the medieval beauty of Rhodes in Dodecanese.

Whether you prefer small private beaches or cosmopolitan islands, Greece can offer all types of lifestyle and vacation preferences. All Greek islands hide beautiful treasures beneath the waves. So if you love adventure, don’t skip a dive in the breathtaking seabed of Aegean and Ionian Seas. 

Explore Greek traditions, taste exquisite wines, meet people, discover the treasures of Greek nature or just relax and enjoy your luxury yacht vacations in Greece, by viewing the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Yachting in Greece gives you the opportunity to combine new experiences with luxury living and private time onboard.

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Where to dock in Greece

Greece offers many mooring spots and marinas where you can dock your yacht. Anchoring is also easy around islands and in many gulfs of the Greek coastline. The map below shows the mooring and docking spots that could host a yacht and facilitate your stay in Greece. Get in touch with OCEDA to plan together the perfect itinerary and find the right berthing locations for your trip and charter boat. 

Greece yacht vacations - Docking Spots Map
Docking map: Spots you can dock in Greece

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Greece yacht vacations – Explore Greek islands with a yacht

Since you are set on yacht vacations in Greece, let’s see which islands you should visit and what you can enjoy and experience while there.

Greece yacht vacations in Cyclades

Cyclades are an island group southeast of the mainland. You can see rugged landscapes and traditional white stucco houses with blue roofs. Some famous Cyclades islands are:

  • Mykonos 
  • Naxos 
  • Milos 
  • Delos 
  • Koufonisia 
  • Santorini 
  • Paros


Mykonos in Greece - yachting vacations Greece

Mykonos is in the spotlight for its luxurious lifestyle. Everything you can dream of can actually happen in Mykonos. This cosmopolitan rocky island is often called  “Island of the Winds”, since winds are quite strong all summer long in Mykonos. Apart from the loud lifestyle, Mykonos has up to almost 800 churches and chapels. The most well-known is Panagia Paraportiani, an aggregation of five smaller churches.


Naxos in Greece - yachting vacations Greece

Naxos is the biggest island in the Cyclades group and it’s considerably different from Mykonos. Here time goes by slowly and Greek tradition is more profound in every aspect of daylife. Don’t hesitate to try local products such as cheese and beverages. Note that Naxos is full of wonderful surprises, especially if you love white-sanded beaches and family vacations. You can also try trekking around Naxos villages and discover the hidden Kouros statue. Spend a day in Apeiranthos mountain village and visit the traditional quiet village Chalki.


Milos in Greece - yachting vacations Greece

Milos is the perfect place to be, if you are madly in love. Many wedding ceremonies and honeymoons take place in Milos. Reach out for the Sarakiniko, the most iconic landscape of Milos and enjoy romantic nights under starry skies. You can also discover beauty underneath the waves by snorkeling or you can enjoy Milos’ breathtaking landscapes in a kayak.

Milos is an island dedicated to the Virgin Mary. On Klimatovouni hill you can find the Panagia Tourliani church and admire its old Orthodox icons. In 2009 Milos was declared a sacred island, as the Catacombs of Milos are the oldest monument of Christianity dating back to early Christian times.


Delos island-  yachting vacations Greece

Delos is uninhabited, yet a visit on this island is actually a travel in time. Amongst Delos ruins you can see Doric temples, ancient markets, an amphitheater and the emblematic Terrace of the Lions statues.


Koufonisia in Greece - yachting vacations Greece

If you are cruising around Cyclades, make sure to visit Koufonisia. They are two small islands southeast of Naxos. You can enjoy the crystal-clear turquoise waters or even sleep beneath the stars.


Santorini island view - yachting vacations Greece

The most famous sunset of them all! Santorini is well-known for its spectacular sunset with absolutely mesmerizing sky colours. A stroll around its small alleys and a visit to the Caldera – the glorious ancient volcano of Thera – will definitely excite you. You can also have wine tasting moments with a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea and you can visit Santorini museums to admire prehistoric relics, fossils and other archeological treasures.


Paros island - yachting vacations Greece

Another Cyclades island with ethereal beaches is Paros. Kolymbithres beach stands out for its incredible rocky formations. Don’t miss a chance to swim in its marvelous waters. Paros is also known to be the perfect spot for windsurfers. If you like windsurfing, Paros is the place for you.

Greece yacht vacations in Sporades

Sporades lay on the North Aegean Sea and have plenty of vegetation and beautiful beaches. Some famous Sporades islands are:

  • Alonnisos 
  • Skiathos 
  • Skyros 
  • Skopelos


Alonisos landscape - yacht and coastline

Alonnisos is known for its marine park, founded in 1992. Several rare species of flora and fauna found their ideal habitat in this park, which is one of the largest protected marine areas of Europe. You can go snorkeling around the park and admire this perfectly balanced ecosystem. Maybe – if lucky enough – you will be able to see graceful dolphins and shy seals swimming closely.


Skiathos island in Greece - Luxury yacht vacations

If you are sailing in Sporades, don’t miss the chance to visit Skiathos. You can swim in its emerald waters, taste local delicacies and enjoy the island’s vigorous nightlife. Southeast of Skiathos, you can find Tsougrias islet, a small piece of earth with no residents, which is a protected natural habitat and a popular destination for yachts.


Vacation in Greece - Skyros landscape

Skyros is the southernmost island of Sporades. This island is strongly connected to ancient Greek Mythology. Achilles sought refuge in Skyros before ending up fighting in the Trojan war. Except for stories from the past, Skyros is a beautiful island, resembling the Cyclades architecture. Many villages and monuments, such as chapels and the Byzantine-era fortress, are there for you to see.


Skopelos island - ship and sailing yacht

Skopelos is off the beaten track. If you are looking for relaxing family holidays, hiking paths or if you need to simply meditate away from crowded and loud places, Skopelos is ideal for you. Explore sea caves with a kayak. Visit Venetian fortresses and picturesque locations where the “Mama Mia!” movie was filmed. One of them is the Church of Agios Ioannis in Kastri village, built on a 100m rock with 160 carved steps that lead you to a beautiful Aegean view.

Greece yacht vacations in the Ionian Sea

The Ionian Sea spreads along the west coastline of the Greek peninsula. It is  much deeper than the Aegean Sea and its waters are significantly colder. The Ionian islands include beautiful destinations that attract many tourists every year, since they offer quite a nightlife experience, but also beautiful beaches with vivid blue waters.

Some famous destinations of the Ionian Sea are:

  • Zante 
  • Kefalonia 
  • Paxos 
  • Corfu 
  • Lefkas 
  • Parga


Zante breathtaking view

From the most iconic Navagio beach to the elegant architecture, Zante – or else Zakynthos – is a piece of heaven on earth. Many beaches are accessible only from the sea and they are perfect spots to anchor and take a deep dive to the refreshing Ionian waters. Zante also has a wild nightlife. So, join the party if you like or boost your adrenaline with flyboarding, parachuting or subwing.


Kefalonia island

Yacht vacations in Greece would be incomplete without visiting Kefalonia. Dine in traditional Greek-style restaurants, indulge yourself with wine tasting and try delicious local meat pie. Explore the magically illusive Melisani cave, created by gushing water from underground springs.


Luxury yacht vacations Greece in Paxos island

If you pursue relaxed vacations under the sun, Paxos is a stop you’ll have to make. Golden sand beaches and crystal-clear waters feel like they have emerged from the most romantic fairytale. If you plan to stay active while in Paxos try hiking, diving and sightseeing. On the other hand, if you seek relaxation, try the Paxos thermal springs for a natural wellness experience.


Greece yacht vacations in Corfu island

Corfu is the most charming island in the Ionian Sea. Corfiot cuisine has been influenced by Mediterranean, Italian and Greek culinary traditions. Try Pastitsada, Sofrito and Bianco fish, famous Corfiot dishes. Take romantic seaside walks in Garitsa. Admire the Panagia Vlachernon, a 17th-century church lying on Pontikonisi. Try Greek tsipouro. Explore old fortresses and make short trips to neighbouring islands: Othonoi, Erreikousa and Mathraki.


Lefkada - beautiful beach

Lefkas or Lefkada is an Ionian island connected to the Greek mainland by a causeway. Home to stunning beaches with blue waters, Lefkada is the perfect summer paradise to get lost into. If you are planning a cruise in the Ionian Sea, make sure to spend a day or two on this magnificent place. Egremni, Gialos, Kathisma and Porto Katsiki are the most epic beaches of Lefkada and you should definitely get a charge out of swimming in these waters. If you’d love an adrenaline rush experience, try a tandem paragliding flight over Kathisma beach. It will be an unforgettable adventure!


Parga - stunning landscape

Parga lies on the Ionian coast and it is a beautiful town with many things to see and discover. Cooking workshops, hiking tours, sightseeing, shopping and fine dining are only some of the available options in Parga. If you visit the town during spring or autumn, don’t miss out river trekking or rafting experiences in the spectacular Acherontas river, near Parga.

Yacht vacations Greece – Crete

Yacht vacations in Crete - sea and mountain

Crete is the largest island of Greece and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. If you decide to sail around it, you will be able to admire Minoan sites, taste exquisite Cretan food and experience unique summer moments each and every day.

There are plenty of beaches reachable only by boat. So take your time to discover beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views. Some beaches can be reached by car as well. In any case, you shouldn’t miss Elafonisi beach (home of caretta-caretta turtles), Seitan Limania, Balos and tropical looking Kedrodasos.

If you’re up for a little adventure, book a private Cretan Safari and get to see hidden places and wild animals of Crete. If hiking is your passion, the Samaria Gorge will amaze you. Beautiful yet a bit challenging, Samaria Gorge will be an unforgettable experience for both nature lovers and hiking aficionados.

If you are more of a festivity person, there are many Glendi fests in Crete you can join. Don’t be shy and fuse in with locals at a Cretan Glendi, drink “raki” and listen to traditional Cretan music.

Yacht vacations Greece – Saronic Gulf

Saronic Gulf in Greece

The Saronic Gulf is known for its prime yachting waters and it is a great choice for a luxury summer escape close to Athens. Visit Hydra, Spetses, Aegina and Poros for a full Saronic Gulf experience.

Hydra is a stunning traffic-free island (no cars, no motorcycles). It’s rustic beauty and unique atmosphere fascinated many world-famous artists like Leonard Cohen and Sophia Loren. Spetses has a cosmopolitan character and a long naval history. Tiny chapels, traditional taverns and lounge bars of Spetses set the scene for pure relaxation and sit-back summer vacations.

For casual yacht vacations in Greece, Poros and Aegina are great choices to spend a day or two. The main settlement of Poros has a chic harbour with a seafront promenade. You can see more yachts bobbing in the water there and the distinctive Poros Town Clock Tower. Aegina is a small island, just like Poros. Many historical sites and beautiful beaches await you there. Make sure to visit the Temple of Aphaia and don’t forget to try Aegina’s famous pistachios.

Luxury yacht vacations in Greece – Dodecanese islands

Dodecanese actually means twelve islands in Greek. Yet, there are more than twelve, including small islets surrounding the main islands of the group.

Some famous Dodekanese islands are:

  • Rhodes 
  • Simi 
  • Halki 
  • Karpathos 
  • Kasos


Greece yacht vacations -Rhodes islands

Rhodes is the capital of Dodecanese. It can work as your starting point, if you’re planning to set sail and discover other Dodecanese islands as well.

This island is of high historical interest since it was the home for the Knights of St. John from the 14th until the early 16th century. Visit the Rhode’s Palace of the Grand Master, stroll around the old town and make sure to swim in Anthony Quinn Bay. Many yachts anchor in that small gulf, since waters are a delight and snorkeling around is quite an experience.


Simi headlands in Greece

Pastel-coloured Venetian mansions and rocky headlands are two things that make Symi unforgettable. Visit the castle ruins and swim at St Nicholas Beach. Try Symi’s traditional shrimp pasta before you head towards your next destination, since Symi shrimps are pretty known worldwide.


Halki - island of friendship

Halki is the island of peace and friendship since many young people from every part of the world come to Halki in early September to rejoice and reunite with friends. Although most of Halki’s beaches are secluded, they form perfect spots to lay back and relax under the Greek sun.

Karpathos – Kasos

Yacht vacations in Greece - Karpathos rocky beach

Karpathos is a bit isolated. This island is located between Crete and Rhodes and it’s absolutely worth visiting. Picturesque villages, transparent waters and the gorgeous view from the island’s Acropolis justify the trip to Karpathos. Set sail to Kasos if you’re up for more exploration and spend the day on this beautiful island, which is believed to have been a pirate’s base in the old days.

Of course, you can discover many more majestic places, while cruising the Aegean or Ionian Sea. Thousands of islands and islets are gracefully laying in the Mediterranean. Explore as much of Greece as you can this summer and be sure you’ll be returning to Greece every summer from now on.

Luxury yacht vacations in Greece – Reach out for your Greek Yacht Charter

If you need to charter a yacht in Greece, we will be more than happy to help you. Our team is fully trained and available around-the-clock to also offer provisioning, concierge and bunkering services, taking care of your trip from booking to returning to your base. We are committed to delivering excellent, top-quality service and we can offer you a truly amazing experience of yacht vacations in Greece.

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