Best Greek marinas

Planning some luxury yacht vacations in Greece? Besides knowing how to organize the perfect voyage for the owners, as a captain you should be aware of the marina facilities on Greek grounds. Get to know the 12 best Greek marinas to berth a yacht during your cruise in Greece.

This is a captains’ and yacht owners’ guide of the top 12 best yacht marinas that includes facility services, location, surrounding points of interest and prices.

Top 12 Yacht Marinas in Greece

Map of best Greek marinas to berth a superyacht
12 Best marinas in Greece map

Marinas near Athens

Marina Zeas in Greece
Marina Zeas

Marina Zeas

Marina Zeas  is one of the finest superyacht marinas in the Mediterranean, and one with a great history. It was a naval base once upon a time, where the legendary trireme fleets – signature Ancient Greek boats – were built. Ruins of the marina’s ancient walls can still be found today.

This marina is fully organized and modernized for the 2004 Olympics, can accommodate up to 670 berths for boats up to 150 meters long and a draft of 8m.

No questions why Marina Zeas is one of the favorite marinas among yacht owners. First and foremost it is situated in Piraeus and it’s close to endless attractions like shopping centers, cinemas, restaurants and bars. Alongside restaurants, sports facilities and other entertainment venues, the port also contains a swimming pool, a chandlery shop and the Port Police office.

Marina Zeas Services and Port Facility:

  • Max LOA: 150 m
  • 24-hour security services
  • Electricity, phone services & Wi-Fi internet access
  • Car parking area
  • Swimming pool
  • WC, shower & laundry space
  • In-port convenience stores
  • Restaurant, coffee shops and bars in close proximity

Marina Flisvos

Flisvos Marina is a sea tourism destination only 6 kilometers away from Athens city center. It has been awarded with 5 Gold Anchors and has gained many other distinctions, certifications and global awards. It is located at the heart of the Athenian Riviera in Paleo Faliro, and offers large-scale mooring for mega yachts following international standards.

The facilities of Flisvos Marina burst with excellence, offering a higher expectation experience to the nautical community of sea lovers. If you plan to cruise around Athens it is totally worth visiting Flisvos Marina, since it is the first and only marina in Greece that holds all of these distinctions and awards. The marina features 303 berths for boats from 15 to 120m with a port depth of 4.5m to 16m. 

Giving a touch of maritime glamor and luxury to the already breathtaking urban beachfront, Flisvos Marina inspires guests to live as an Athenian and explore the city’s diverse urban canvas.

Flisvos Marina Services and Port Facility:

  • Max LOA: 180 m
  • 24-hour security services, port patrol & CCTV
  • Electricity, phone services & high speed Wi-Fi internet access
  • WC & baby changing rooms
  • Access for people with disabilities (Parking & WC)
  • ATM & information desk
  • Helipad area
  • 2 main parking areas with a total capacity of more than 320 vehicles
  • Recycling & waste management infrastructure
  • Fire alarm and fire detection systems
  • In-port stores, bars, playground & restaurants

For a clearer cost view, you can calculate berthing costs for Flisvos Marina according to the yacht’s length and berthing period.

Athens Marina

Athens Marina offers easy access and a unique dock for berthing. It is also home to some of the world’s high-class yachts.

Only 7km away from the city’s center and just 40 km from the international airport Eleftherios Venizelos, Athens Marina is a top choice for yacht owners. Those planning to explore both Greek islands and the mainland find Athens Marina to be such a convenient option for berthing. 

It can accommodate 130 yachts up to 130m in length and its quiet environment ensures privacy. Athens Marina can become your very own starting point for multiple destinations.

Athens Marina Services and Port Facility:

  • Max LOA: 130m
  • Electricity, phone services & high speed Wi-Fi internet access
  • Helipad area
  • WC & shower
  • Storage rooms
  • Port police on site
  • Vacuum sewage management system

A big plus for Athens Marina is its dedicated online marina weather station powered by the National Observatory of Athens and Athens Marina itself. Thus, you will always be up-to-date regarding weather changes in the area.

Alimos Marina

Alimos Marina is the largest marina in Greece and the Balkans with 1,064 berths and a maximum depth of 6.5m. It is also one of the most historic and emblematic marinas in Greece and a meeting point mainly for sailing enthusiasts and yachting true lovers.

Since January 2021, Alimos Marina has been under land and sea infrastructure development to be transformed into one of the most modern marinas in the Mediterranean. During the development process, Alimos Marina will remain in full operation for its guests but until then only 50 berths are suitable for yachts over 25m long and up to 40m.

Alimos Marina Services and Port Facility:

  • Max LOA: 40m
  • Electricity, water and fuel supply
  • Phone services & Wi-Fi internet access
  • CCTV & security services
  • WC & Showers
  • ΑΤΜ
  • In-port restaurants & bars
  • Waste collection services
  • Space on a pier for boat lifting

Agios Kosmas Marina

Agios Kosmas Marina was the hosting marina for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games sailing events. Located at the coastal area of southern Attica, next to Glyfada – roughly 15 km away from the city of Athens, 25 km away from Athens International Airport and 12 km from the port of Piraeus – Agios Kosmas Marina offers 337 berthing places for yachts and other boats.

Agios Kosmas Marina is an international “Blue Flag” certificate holder, proving its high environmental and quality standards. It can become the berthing spot for yachts from 15m to 80m long, both for short term and annual berthing.

Agios Kosmas Marina Services and Port Facility:

  • Max LOA: 80m
  • Electricity, water & fuel (day notice) supply
  • WC & Shower
  • 24-hour security service
  • Helipad area (TLOF)
  • 4 main car park areas
  • Vacuum sewage system
  • Trailer slipway

Greek Marinas of the Ionian Sea

Greek marinas - Marina Lefkada in Greece
Marina Lefkada

Marina Lefkada

Explore the coast of western Greece and berth in the first-class Marina Lefkada. There you can visit the shopping center and some restaurants and cafes. The town of Lefkada is really close to the marina and there you can enjoy all types of traditional shops as well as an amazing view of the Ionian Sea!

Marina Lefkada was built in 2002 and is one of the most modern marinas in Greece. This marina is located on the eastern side of the island, right next to its capital city bearing the same name. The Airport of Preveza is just 17 km away. This marina also offers boat services, dry dock facilities, and a hotel-conference center. There are about 278 boats that can be held in the dry dock covered shelter. The berthing capacity for the marina is 620 boats for vessels up to 45m length and 3.3m draft.

Marina Lefkada Services and Port Facility:

  • Max LOA: 45m
  • Electricity, water & fuel supply
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • WC, shower & laundry facilities
  • 24-hour security service
  • Restaurant, coffee shops and bars
  • Car parking
  • Chandlery and convenience stores
  • Swimming pool
  • Preveza International Airport at 17 km

Would you like to cruise the Ionian Sea? Let’s organize the perfect itinerary.

Preveza Marina

Preveza Marina is a Greek marina that offers services of the highest international standards. Spend your time in the marina enjoying your experience in Greece, and especially taking pleasure in the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

Preveza Marina shares the name of the beloved Greek city of Preveza which lies on the northern peninsula at the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf. Preveza is close to Lefkada and only 6 km away from Preveza Airport. That alone makes it an ideal base for exploring the beauty of the Ionian islands!

Preveza Marina Services and Port Facility:

  • Max LOA: 35m
  • Electricity, water & fuel supply
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • WC, showers, hygiene facilities with access control
  • 24/7 CCTV and Security
  • Restaurant, coffee shops and bars
  • Car parking
  • Chandlery and mini market
  • Preveza International Airport at 6 km

See the 2022 price list of Preveza Marina for both mooring and berthing.

Gouvia Marina

Gouvia Marina is the first privately held marina in Greece. It is situated in Corfu, just about 6 km from the astonishing town of Corfu and only 7 km away from the International Airport of Preveza.

Gouvia Marina has a long history and is considered of high shipping importance since it served as a link between the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Sea. Nowadays it is the place to be if you strive to experience the highest quality of berthing services and the chance to explore the western Greek coastline. Up to 1200 boats can be berthed in the marina, up to 60m in length and maximum draft of 5.5m.

Gouvia Marina Services and Port Facility:

  • Max LOA: 80m
  • Electricity, water & fuel supply
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • WC, shower & laundry facilities
  • 24-hour security services
  • Restaurant, coffee shops and bars
  • Car parking
  • Chandlery & convenience stores
  • Preveza International Airport at 7 km
  • Swimming pool

Greek Marinas of the Aegean Sea

Sani Resort Marina in Halkidiki, Greece
Sani Resort Marina

Sani Marina

Sani Marina is Greece’s own little Monaco in Kassandra Halkidiki, awarded with the European Union’s “Blue Flag” for its crystal-clear waters. It is a five-star destination for yachts and a cosmopolitan hub for yacht owners and luxury enthusiasts.

The resort’s marina is located within the Sani Resort in Halkidiki. This resort is a true gem for North Greece and it is 80 km away from the historical city of Thessaloniki. You can have the chance to explore the North part of Greece in all its beauty, and indulge yourself with premium gastronomy, hiking adventures and sightseeing. The berthing capacity for the marina is 215 boats for vessels up to 33m length and 3m draft.

Sani Resort Marina Services and Port Facility:

  • Max LOA: 33m
  • Electricity, water & fuel supply
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • WC, shower & laundry facilities
  • 24-hour security services
  • Bank services (ATM)
  • Doctor / First Aid service
  • Holiday resort (restaurants, bars, beach, swimming pool)
  • Car & trailer parking
  • Thessaloniki International Airport at 80 km

Rhodes Marina

Rhodes Marina is an excellent Greek marina and a great starting point for traveling all over the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea. It is located near the majestic medieval town of Rhodes, and is an elegant berthing spot for summer. Rhodes Marina will let you enjoy your stay on the island, offering an excellent accommodation experience. Its modern facilities for yachts as well as the spacious promenade form a perfect getaway during any season.

Within the marina you will find a great all-day restaurant and hygiene facilities. Sleeping in the vessel will be a blast, thanks to the well structured breakwater thoughtfully installed in the port. It is also the only Marina in Greece that can accommodate up to 120 meters yachts at an operating depth of 6.5m.

Rhodes is the perfect place for summer vacation on a yacht. With great history and so many options for dining and amusement, Rhodes and its marina shape a unique summer vacation experience in Greece.

Rhodes Marina Services and Port Facility:

  • Max LOA: 120m
  • Electricity, water & fuel supply
  • Phone services & Wi-Fi high speed internet access
  • WC & shower facilities
  • CCTV 24-hour security services
  • Fiber Optic Internet and cable connection to satellite and terrestrial TV
  • Medical services
  • Pollution control system
  • Car parking
  • VIP services upon request
  • Next to Rhodes Old Town

Kos Marina

Kos Marina is also a great berthing choice if you would like to explore all Dodekanese islands. It is a top marina in the Mediterranean area, hosting 5.000 – 6.000 boats every year. Make an island hopping tour and visit Patmos, Lipsi, Leros, Nisyros, Symi and Halki.

The Aegean Sea, where Kos Marina is located, offers many anchorages for sailing yachts as well as significant historical landmarks and heavenly waters. Don’t miss your chance to collect summer memories in all of them!

Kos Marina is a Greek marina that has been awarded the Blue Flag since 2001, for 21 consecutive years! Visit the motherland of Hippocrates, father of medicine, and berth in Kos Marina, the perfect place for yachts of a size up to 80m. The marina is equipped with brand new mooring lines and protected side berthing systems to accommodate even larger boats and offer convenience and comfort in berthing.

Kos Marina Services and Port Facility:

  • Max LOA: 80m
  • Electricity, water & fuel supply
  • Phone services & Wi-Fi high speed internet access
  • WC, shower & laundry  facilities
  • CCTV 24-hour security services
  • Satellite TV
  • Yacht chandlers shops
  • Boutiques, cafeterias & restaurant
  • Parking lot & electrical car to move into the premises (upon request)
  • Sewerage pump-out

Best peripheral marina in Greece – Marina Porto Heli

Marina Porto Heli aerial photo
Marina Porto Heli

Amongst top choices of peripheral Greek marinas, Marina Porto Heli is suggested by OCEDA, as it is a hidden gem that offers great service and their location is a one place have-it-all kind of spot.

Marina Porto Heli is the new marina situated in the naturally protected bay of the Argolic Gulf, at the southern shores of Peloponnese. It’s within easy access to Athens and offers close proximity to Spetses and Hydra. Marina Porto Heli supports a wide range of services including boating services and maintenance.

Porto Heli has become a cosmopolitan port and it’s perfect for family relaxing vacation. You can find small secluded coves all around for restful days under the Greek sun. We suggest you go on an exploration trip to Ancient Epidaurus, Poros, Ermioni, Mycenae, and Nafplion, or just cruise the Ionian Sea hopping from one place to the next.

Marina Porto Heli Services and Port Facility:

  • Max LOA: 60m
  • Electricity & water supply
  • Phone services & Wi-Fi high speed internet access
  • Chandlery store
  • E-vehicle transportation
  • Cleaning services
  • Provisions’ management
  • Yacht electronic repairs & support

You can view Marina Porto Heli’s price list just by submitting your email.

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