Zante - Ionian Sea

Are you dreaming of an Ionian sea view? Are you thinking of some vacation time in Greece? The Ionian islands form an archipelago of exceptional beauty. With a long history carried through the centuries and the profound influence of various civilizations, the Ionian Islands are waiting to be explored and admired.

No doubt why famous movies like Captain Corelli’s Mandolin were filmed there. Turquoise waters, breathtaking landscapes and the vigorous nightlife set the scene for unforgettable memories on the Ionian Islands. It’s time to learn more about the Ionian Islands and get a short glimpse of their beauty and glory.

Where is the Ionian Sea

Before moving on to describing the best Ionian islands for your yachting vacation, let us show you where these islands are located. The Ionian Islands, also known as Eptanisa or Heptanese (seven islands in Greek), lay on the Ionian Sea next to the west coastline of the Greek mainland and below the Adriatic Sea.

Map of Greece - Ionian Islands with pictures of beaches
Map of Greece: Ionian Sea and Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands have a history that goes back in the depth of times. They have been inhabited since the Paleolithic Period and they have seen many civilizations evolving over the centuries. Homer was the first to refer to the Ionian culture. His famous work, Odyssey, includes descriptions of islands such as Corfu, Lefkada and Ithaca. Later on, the Ionian Islands were part of the Roman Empire and under Venetian and French rule from the 11th to the 18th century. Architecture, music, symbols and other cultural elements are prominent features in every Ionian island.

Today the Ionian Islands are the perfect destination for sea enthusiasts and they are considered a megayacht playground. OCEDA could organize everything for you and help you find the perfect yacht, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation to the fullest without having to worry about anything. Looking for the best luxury yacht charter in Greece to charter a yacht?

When is the best time to explore the Ionian Sea

We suggest you visit the Ionian Islands from June to August, in order to enjoy swimming in crystal clear waters and try some summer extreme sports. You could visit the southernmost Ionian Islands, such as Kefalonia and Zakynthos, even in mid-September, since summer lasts a little bit longer there.

Temperature conditions in the Ionian Sea Greece
Temperature conditions in the Ionian Sea – May to October

Temperatures in June usually reach 30°C during the day and they hit peak during August with 35°C or more. A gentle breeze blows with a speed of less than 19 km/h for most of the days, usually from Northeast or Southwest directions all year round. In summer, light to medium NW wind Maistros blows from early afternoon till mid evening making sailing in the Ionian an experience that should not be missed.

Ionian Islands wind rose chart
Ionian Islands wind rose chart

Best Ionian vacation spots and islands to visit

All Ionian Islands have a unique atmosphere. Surely there are many reasons to visit each and every one of them. Let’s discover all popular vacation islands in the Ionian Sea:


Corfu island, Greece

Corfu is located in the north Ionian Sea. The Venetian culture is unfolding amongst the small alleys of Corfu Old Town and it definitely creates a romantic sensation. Don’t miss a chance to try original Corfiot cuisine and explore old churches, chapels and medieval fortresses in every corner of this charming island.

Paxos – Antipaxos

Paxos - Antipaxos, Greece

Our journey across the Ionian Sea Islands continues with Paxos and Antipaxos. These two islands are quite small, yet absolutely beautiful. You could moor up close by and enjoy gazing at aquamarine waters all day long.


Kefalonia island, Greece

In any case, don’t forget to add Kefalonia to your itinerary. Try the local meat pie, visit Melisani cave and taste exquisite Greek wines. Enjoy every moment on this island and experience Greek tradition in a luxury yacht vacation style.


Zante, Greece

Southern to Kefalonia lies Zante, or Zakynthos. This island is the perfect yacht vacation destination, since many of its vivid blue beaches are only accessible by boat. Choose your ideal spot to anchor and enjoy a refreshing dive in Zante’s clear waters.


Lefkada, Greece

Another best place to visit while cruising the Ionian Sea is Lefkada. Although it’s actually connected to the Greek mainland, Lefkada is still considered an island and it’s known as a perfect destination for yachts. Famous beaches like Kathisma and Egremni will totally amaze you.

Of course there are many more popular vacation spots in the Ionian Sea. You could pay a visit to Ithaca – legendary King Odysseus’ homeland – Parga, Syvota and Preveza to experience Ionian  culture and fall head over heels for the Ionian Islands.

How to charter a yacht in greece

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