It’s easy to become smitten by the hospitality and beauty of these Greek islands.

From charming cobblestone streets to shady, secluded coves filled with turquoise waters, the Cycladic Islands are as inviting as they are stunning.

The classic, white-washed Cycladic architecture climbs the rugged mountainsides. Here, the world’s most treasured historic sites can be seen one day and exploring the finest shopping and dining experiences the next.

Unexpected delights have captivated visitors to the Cycladic Islands since antiquity—they are an undeniable treasure trove for those seeking the sun and sea.

And the best way to discover this Greek Island paradise is by a private charter yacht.

So let’s take a closer look at a week cruising through these islands.

Which islands belong to the Cycladic complex

The Cyclades belong to the Greek Aegean Archipelago. While not all islands are popular or inhabited, they are all ideal for yacht exploration. We should also note that these islands are rich in agricultural products, such as wine, fruit, wheat, and olive oil, the base of the Mediterranean diet and culinary tradition.

Are you ready to discover the islands in an unforgettable week with a luxury yacht? 

Then get on board and cruise on the cosmopolitan Cycladic island complex!

One week of cruising the Cyclades islands on a luxury yacht 

220 beautiful islands dot the sapphire waters of the South Aegean Sea and make up the Cycladic Island cluster—each is unique.

Most smaller islands are uninhabited, while some of the larger islands support bustling towns full of art galleries, designer shops, and signature restaurants.

A few islands in this Aegean archipelago include Kythnos, Paros, Naxos, Sifnos, Serifos, Andros, Milos, Santorini, Koufonisi, and Mykonos.

The Cycladic group of islands is also home to some of the most important Greek archaeological ruins. The island, Delos, in the center of the complex, is considered the birthplace of Apollo.

But treasures—from classical times to modern—wait for discovery on all the islands.

Their beaches are enchanting—some are smooth and pebbly; others are white and sandy. Some delight with sea caves, and others draw kite surfers from around the world.

But all of the Cycladic beaches are kissed by the same irresistible clear blue water of the Aegean Sea.

The experience of visiting these islands is best explored by a private yacht.

On your own yacht, you’ll island hop in complete comfort and with the personal attention of a full-time professional crew to serve just you.

Each night, you’ll retreat from your daily adventures and sink into your elegant stateroom to enjoy the privacy and views that are simply impossible from a land-based resort.

While every OCEDA cruise is custom designed, here’s a glimpse into a sample itinerary for the Cyclades Islands on one of our private charter yachts.

Map Cyclades

From Athens to Kythnos

2 Kythnos

Before you even step onboard, you’ll have the chance to explore the scenic city of Athens.

Here, you can dine in an array of Michelin-star awarded restaurants, shop the latest collections in designer boutiques in the neighborhood of Kolonaki or view the Acropolis during a private tour.

When you’re ready, you’ll depart Athens on your yacht, headed toward Kythnos where you’ll be welcomed by charming towns and stunning beaches.

You’ll find the iconic blue and white buildings that the Cycladic islands are beloved for.

From Kythnos to Milos & Polyaigos

Milos Island Sarakiniko Beach

From the charm of Kythnos, your captain will pilot you toward the beach-lined shores of Milos, which awaits swimmers with more than 70 beaches to choose from. Many are crescents of gold sand, while others boast dramatic coves and sea caves for exploring, like at Kleftiko.

Milos’ volcanic origin also creates a speckling of natural hot springs of varying degrees of heat throughout the island. The warm, mineral-rich waters have been celebrated for their healing properties for centuries.

The narrow streets wind through picturesque waterfront villages and are home to local boutiques and taverns. There is a welcoming atmosphere, and the traditional Greek cuisine—often featuring fresh seafood—is a treat worth seeking out.

From Milos to Paros & Antiparos

Picturesque Naousa Town On Paros Island Greece

Paros looks and feels like the quintessential Greek isle that comes so easily to our minds-eye. Its classic architecture provides the picture-perfect backdrop, with white-washed houses, bright blue window shutters, and hot pink flower petals floating down onto the cobbled streets.

In the evening, you could enjoy waterside dining in the old port of Naoussa. Relax with a local bottle of wine while watching the fisherman come in on their little fishing vessels and tie up to the old stone wharf.

As the moon rises, you can enjoy the local nightlife and fresh salt air breezes.

Antiparos, just a short sail across the channel, will provide all the tranquil scenery you need to feel fully restored. Turquoise waters fill secluded bays, and pristine beaches beckon sunbathers.

The island is small but holds more secrets than can be discovered in a day. You’ll find idyllic seascapes, iconic windmills, and perfect little chapels as you explore.

From Paros to Mykonos

3 Mykonos

Your next destination, Mykonos, will bring you to the beautiful shores of the world-renowned Scorpios resort. Sandy beaches, dotted with plush lounge chairs draped in luxurious beach towels, overlook turquoise waters that blend seamlessly with the open-air restaurant and shady terraces.

Swim and sip your way through the day.

Alternatively, sneak away to stroll through Nammos Village to pop in and out of the top fashion designers’ shops that line the inviting walkways. It’s one of the most exclusive shopping experiences globally.

From Mykonos to Delos

Cruise across Mykonos to the sacred island of the Aegean, Delos. See the oldest settlements in the Cyclades on the island, which UNESCO declared a world heritage site. Then, dive into the turquoise waters of this unspoilt haven and breathe its serenity.

From Mykonos to Serifos & Sifnos

4 Serifos
Serifos will greet you with its romantically rugged mountain landscape as you enter its deep harbor. Nestled on the hillsides overlooking the sea, you’ll find exquisite little restaurants serving award-winning menus that feature local produce and meats.

Just one short island hop away in Sifnos, you’ll find the perfect balance between total seclusion in nature’s beauty and inviting local sights and galleries. Sifnos boasts lovely dining selections, many of which are baked by the island’s traditional clay pot method.

This island hosts a list of “don’t miss” treasures and some of the most panoramic sea views in the island chain, including from the beautiful church Efta Martyrs or from the cove of Panagia Chrysopigi.
5 Sifnos

From Sifnos back to Athens

On the final leg of your sail, you can relax on your private deck and enjoy a gourmet meal made just for you as you sail along the coastline back to Athens. Or, if you prefer, you could enjoy a relaxing massage from the yacht’s private masseuse.

Either way, the invigorating salt air, and inspiring encounters will long outlast the week you were aboard.

Charter your yacht with OCEDA & sail to the Cycladic complex

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The Cycladic Islands have long enticed visitors with their stunning natural landscapes. Experience their seduction yourself.

Selecting the yacht and the perfectly paired crew from which to experience the islands guarantees you’ll get the most from this glamorous playground.

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The elite charter brokerage company provides a wide array of super and mega yachts that cater to all your needs. With a trustworthy network of partnerships in the luxury yacht market, OCEDA offers high-quality services. These also include a complete package, such as:

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