Why Should You Choose Your Yacht Charter Broker Wisely

Are you considering chartering a yacht to cruise in exotic places?

Do you expect all your needs to be satisfied and your requirements to be met?

Do you want to be sure that your legal and financial interests will be protected?

Then, selecting your yacht charter broker carefully is a must to ensure a lifetime experience and the best holidays you have ever lived before.

The global yacht charter market numbers reveal that sailing on a super or mega yacht is a rising trend. The projected value of the worldwide industry showcases that elite vacations on board a luxurious yacht are getting higher. To this end, the demands of the charterers for high-quality and flawless services by the yacht charter brokerage companies are increasing.

A yacht charter broker is in charge of arranging the ultimate luxury experience onboard the super yacht that will cater to all your needs. (S)he is the contact person between the yacht owner, the captain, the crew and the charterers.

We can summarise what a yacht charter broker does in the following sentence:

The Charter broker is a matchmaker, understanding the client’s needs and matching them with the best available options.

What can a yacht charter broker do?

Every client is unique, and brokers should treat them like that. Everyone wishes for a different kind of experience. Their demands vary vastly from the yacht they will charter to the onboard provisions. Chartering a yacht does not apply only to couples, families, or friends spending their holidays together. Many companies select to enrich their internal and external communications by chartering yachts for corporate events or employees’ activities.

Hence, the charter brokers must be highly experienced and ahead of their clients’ needs to fully satisfy them and exceed their expectations.

Yacht charter brokers should match their clients’ given and unspoken requirements with the luxury yachts, crew, and destination. Going the extra mile differentiates the charter brokerage company and builds strong bonds with the client. Nowadays, it is not only about finding the right yacht based on specific criteria, like length, charter rate and availability.

The experienced charter brokers actively participate in the whole process, from planning to implementing and managing the charter. Also, they cater to all customers’ needs for a lifetime experience. Their responsibilities are:

  • Ask the charterer the right questions and understand their preferences
  • Research thoroughly the charter fleet market
  • Find the most suitable yacht that fits the customers’ needs
  • Provide advice on anything the customers may ask before or during the charter

Also, apart from chartering the most suitable yacht, charter brokers should always propose to their clients a tailor-made itinerary including sights and points of interest, restaurants and proposed activities, for a holistic experience.

How can charter brokers cultivate strong relationships with their customers?

We can segment the procedure into two phases:

In-depth knowledge of the global yacht market and legislation

One of the first factors you should consider before collaborating with a yacht charter broker is their excellent and extensive knowledge of the market, the legislation, the worldwide yacht network, and the latest trends. For instance, they should be continuously updated on new yachts market entries, new activities available and the hippiest destinations. How can they do that?

  1. By visiting world-renown Charter Yachts events. OCEDA, for example, is always present to the most recognized shows, such as the Monaco Yacht Show, the Barcelona MYBA Show, and of course, the Nafplion Yacht Show.
  2. By contacting yacht owners and their yacht management companies worldwide to understand their desire to operate their vessels in different sailing destinations.

Furthermore, yacht charter brokers also provide all legal documents that protect your interests and notify you about tax policies on different cruising grounds. During a charter, knowledge about legislation and tax procedures in every country is among the most important issues. As policies may change, brokers should keep updated on any new legislation.

For example, with the new legislation for yachting in Greece, more yachts above 35m will be available for charters in Greece from the 2023 season.

OCEDA has a legal and accounting department that knows even the smallest detail about local tax and VAT legislation. To this end, we can save money for our clients. For instance, did you know that many international companies consult us on current legislation in Greece?

Point of contact with the captain and crew and much more

Yacht Charter

Initially, top luxury yacht charter brokers will meet with their customers and listen to their needs and preferences. Then, they will search, compare and find the perfect yacht, depending on several criteria. Also, they will advise charterers on the best destinations depending on the season and interests. It is important to note that the best charter brokers will only present their objective and not their subjective point of view by delivering options based on their customers’ likings. Imagine a broker that is into the Italian Renaissance style and his clients love the industrial setting. You cannot force your likes on someone else. It’s like pushing a Woodstock hippy into a Wallstreet suit. Not a chance to work out, especially when it comes to chartering a luxury yacht!

Apart from planning and scheduling charters globally, yacht charter brokers will also act as the point of reference for captains of upcoming charters to revise all the details. Facilitating the captains and crew with ashore and offshore activities, like berthing to the best marinas, bunkering, formalities, and other provisions, requires a solid network of global partners.

Last but not least, successful yacht charter brokers that aim to sustain a high-end clientele need to understand the weather conditions fully. They should constantly check for possible updates and promptly work with the captain to make the required amendments to the itinerary.

In a nutshell, as the industry expands and charter pricing competes with owning a yacht, yacht charter brokers should also level up their game and deliver beyond expectations to the charterers.

Choosing your yacht charter broker wisely is non-negotiable if you long for a seamless experience.

What can OCEDA offer more than the other yacht charter brokers?

OCEDA is an elite super and mega yacht charter company. We will ensure that you and your guests enjoy an outstanding and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our comparative advantage? Well, it is not just one!

Rich experience and extensive expertise in the global superyacht charter industry

We have genuine expertise and long-term experience chartering yachts for our clients globally from 20 meters up to more than 100 meters. Our customers charter every year luxury vessels, like the iconic JAZ, AKIRA ONE, ITOTO, MARLA, SHOOTING STAR and many more. Their experience? One of a kind! On top of that, we are proud of our long-lasting relationships with yacht owners and their management teams around the world.

Albeit our expertise in the East Med, we have found vessels for our clients in places like the Bahamas, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean, as we have access to charter boats everywhere in the world.

Our mission is to source the best luxury yacht to enhance your lifestyle and offer unforgettable moments. Whether you wish to go on a cruise to the Caribbean or explore the unspoilt beaches of the Aegean Sea, we have the necessary know-how to fulfil the individual needs of each charter member. We create a tailor-made experience for all of you, whether for a corporate event or a honeymoon vacation.

Vast variety of super & mega yachts

Luxury yachts for charter

Due to our long-established and trusted collaborations, we have access to the largest online database of luxury yachts for rental. Our charterers can choose from all available motor and sailing yachts ranging from 20 meters to 100 meters plus. Furthermore, when a charterer communicates with us, we go above and beyond to find the perfect yacht, depending on the yacht’s availability regarding a charter duration. We always advise our customers to reach out 6 months before their desired chartered period to ensure they will get their ideal vessel.

Nonetheless, we will also make sure to find them a yacht, even if they send us their inquiry just a few hours in advance. We can proudly claim that we have achieved several times to find and arrange a charter in less than 24 hours.

What about the charter fee? OCEDA will always try to negotiate the best possible fee for any charter. We have a certification by MYBA, and we comply with the relevant policies to be fully transparent. Hence there are no hidden fees in the chartering process.

Full support throughout the charter

Our team of experts remains around the clock throughout the charter to provide the necessary assistance. Always on a call, we reply to all requests 24/7 to solve any situations that might arise.

Moreover, we help the crew with clients’ requests. OCEDA is one of the few companies that offer agency and concierge services allowing us to arrange restaurant reservations, shoreside activities and special onboard events. Whether you desire an exclusive event on board, enjoy a 5-star plate from an awarded Chef, or require help handling any health and safety emergencies, we are here to deliver.

Also, your captain and crew can rely on us for more services during the charter, like:

  • Certified fuel supply
  • Any issues with the formalities for EU and Non-EU vessels
  • Technical management

 In any case, we provide immediate access to expert and highly-trained staff, and we have innovative solutions to any occurrence.

Satisfied charterers globally

 woman on board a luxury yacht

The latest trends highlight that the global yacht charter market value will reach $10.82 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 6.6% during the forecast period. To this end, OCEDA is proud to be internationally recognized as the “go-to for anything about yachting in Greece and the East Mediterranean”.

With an extensive clientele, the company offers high-quality services based on international standards that exceed the charterers’ expectations. As a company that encompasses world-renowned yacht charter broker services, OCEDA has cultivated a committed and dedicated clientele, even when it comes to seasonal charterers.

Yacht chartering is an art that strives on referrals, and OCEDA ranks first in the charts.

Now, all you have to do is decide what will be your first destination and charter your dream yacht with OCEDA. We will ensure that you create memories that will last a lifetime!